Event Check List

After receiving a "scheduled" confirmation of your event request, please proceed to the following steps as it pertains to your event needs.

  • FACILITIES REQUEST: Any Facilities Needs?

Contact Barry Reynolds (reynoldb@uchastings.edu or 415.565.4894) or Sunny Dhamrait (dhamrait@uchastings.edu or 415.565.4688) for all your facilities needs. You may also visit them at their office. Please see the SIC Office for the office locations on the campus.

(You may print out the Facilities Set-up Request Form before meeting with the Facilities Department.)

  • MEDIA SERVICES REQUEST: Any Media Services or AV Equipment Needs?

Visit the online Media Services website to make all AV equipment requests or services. This website is self guided and very quick and easy to use and their contact information is available on their webpage.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY: Any Public Safety Needs?

Print and complete the Security Event Checklist and return the form to the Public Safety Officer in the front lobby of the 198 or 200 McAllister Street Building.

  • CATERING: Any catering needs?

Please visit the Hastings Approved Catering List available online if you would like a caterer to cater your event or if you are providing alcohol and need a caterer to serve the alcohol.

If there are any questions or for any other special requests, please e-mail sic@uchastings.edu or stop by the SIC Office on the 1st Floor of the 200 McAllister Street Building.