Skyroom Rules

The use of the Skyroom is designated for catered receptions only. A built in sound system and wireless microphone is available.(No other media equipment may be installed by Instructional Media Services, or by the requester or attendees.)

Skyroom requests can be made by a Hastings Faculty/Staff or Student Officer (preferably the president) of the registered student organization.

**(All Skyroom requests should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event date requested)**

  1. The Skyroom is available for catered receptions Monday through Thursday. (Friday event requests will be considered on a case by case basis.)
  2. The maximum hours an event can take place in the Skyroom is 3 hours.
  3. The use of the Skyroom requires a minimum of 20 attendees and cannot exceed 120 people (this is including the servers too). The maximum occupancy will be strictly enforced pursuant to the State Fire Marshall.
  4. If the event is approved, the Law Cafe or a Hastings Approved Caterer is to be contacted by the requester to arrange for the catering of the event.
  5. Food may be dropped off by the Caterer but no outside food can be brought into the reception in the Skyroom by the requester or attendees.
  6. If alcohol is desired, beer or wine may be served; no hard alcohol may be served. Nored wine can be served. Equal amount of non-alcoholic beverages must be provided.
  7. If alcohol is served at the event, the earliest an event can start is 4:00 p.m.
  8. The sale of alcohol is not permitted, however fee for admission can be charged at the event.
  9. The latest time an event can end in the Skyroom is 10:00 p.m.
  10. Only furniture in the North Lounge can be rearranged for serving purposes and it must be returned to order at the end of the event. No other furniture can be moved.
  11. If attendees other than Hastings Faculty/Staff/Students are invited, the requester must provide the McAllister Tower Security with an alphabetical guest list, or the organization must staff an individual in the front lobby to check in guests. All Non-Hastings guests must be accompanied by a Hastings staff, faculty or student and/or be listed on the guest list.
  12. No smoking allowed in the Skyroom.
  13. The requester must close all the windows after the last person vacates the Skyroom.
  14. The requester must ensure that all food, beverages and garbage is in the garbage can or recycling bin.
  15. The requester must remove all leftover food and beverages from the Skyroom upon vacating.
  16. It is the responsibility of the requester to leave the Skyroom in a clean and orderly condition.


Once your event has been approved for the Skyroom, please print a copy of the Skyroom Rules & Regulations, read and sign the Skyroom Regulation Form and return to the Student Information Center (SIC) as soon as possible. Our office is located on the 1st Flr./200 Building, across from the SIC folders. If you are unable to print one out, please visit the SIC Office and forms will also be available there.