Academic Support Program (ASP)

The Academic Support Program (ASP) complements the law school curriculum. The Program focuses on the process involved in developing skills that are necessary to succeed in law school and on the bar exam. These skills include, in part, the ability to understand (brief), organize (outline) and apply the law (exam writing) as well as time and stress management. ASP recognizes that students have different learning styles and backgrounds that affect their learning and performance in law school. Throughout the Program, diverse teaching methods are used to assist students to reach their academic potential. To help students succeed, ASP offers the following:

Skills Workshops

The Educational Consultant addresses topics such as briefing, note-taking, outlining, exam writing as well as time and stress management. Skills Workshops are offered at key times during the year and are open to all interested students.

Study Sessions

An upper division student, with proven academic success, is assigned to each first year section in the Fall. The Section Leader conducts a follow-up Study Session to reinforce and enhance the skills addressed in each Skills Workshop. They will work closely with the Consultant in the development of active learning materials and exercises. These are open to all interested first year students.

Bar Program

Experts will present interactive workshops for third year students focusing on each component of the bar. The program is designed to expose students to the bar early so that they will not waste valuable time during the summer learning about the exam. Students are introduced to effective ways of preparing for each component to help them pass their first time.

Office Hours

Individual meetings enable students to gain a specific understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses as well as explore non-analytical concerns that may interfere with learning. The Consultant, Section Leaders, and the Director of ASP will hold office hours.

Information about specific times and locations for activities and office hours will be on the ASP bulletin board (2nd floor, 198 bldg) and in the Hastings Weekly email. The Academic Support Program office is located on the 4th floor of the 198 building in room 403.