Thursday, August 21, 2014

          Forum Selection Clauses After Atlantic Marine Symposium

          Papers presented during the symposium, coordinated by Professor Scott Dodson and others, will be published in Hastings Law Journal.
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          If you have a cell phone or a credit card, if you have flown on an airplane, or if you have parked a car in a public garage, you likely have agreed to litigate certain disputes in the vendor’s chosen forum.

          UC Hastings and Hastings Law Journal are co-hosting a symposium on Atlantic Marine Construction Co. v. United States District Court, a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that held forum-selection clauses to be enforceable under Section 1404(a)'s authorization of venue transfer. The symposium will bring renowned scholars from across the country to discuss the decision and its implications.

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          “The Court’s decision in Atlantic Marine is important for virtually everyone engaged in civil litigation,” says UC Hastings Professor Scott Dodson, who helped organize the symposium. “Forum-selection clauses are ubiquitous. If you have a cell phone or a credit card, if you have flown on an airplane, or if you have parked a car in a public garage, you likely have agreed to litigate certain disputes in the vendor’s chosen forum. This symposium will explore how those agreements can, and whether those agreements should, be enforced.”

          “Professor Dodson has helped assemble a remarkable group for this symposium,” noted Professor Geoff Hazard. “The prominence of the panels reflects the high reputation UC Hastings has in the area of civil procedure.”

          Panelists include some of the most important procedure scholars in the nation. From UC Hastings, participants include Dodson, Professor Rick Marcus, and Professor and Emerita Dean & Chancellor Mary Kay Kane. Jim Wagstaffe, an adjunct professor at UC Hastings and a partner at the firm Kerr & Wagstaffe, will offer concluding remarks.

          The symposium is free and open to faculty, students, practitioners, and judges, and will be held in the LBM from 1:00–4:30pm on Friday, September 19, 2014. A reception for all attendees will immediately follow.


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