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          "This is a video I made that basically condensed my first year into three minutes. I hope you enjoy it!" Video by Jennifer Bautista '12. 

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          "I drink a lot of coffee."

          "This is a video I made that basically condensed my first year into three minutes. I hope you enjoy it!" Video by Jennifer Bautista '12. 

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          In conversation with UC Hastings Professor Joan C. Williams.

          UC Hastings Professor Joan Williams welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a conversation that touches on a broad range of subjects, from opera to marriage to work/life balance, doctrinal questions, and cases from the 1970's to present, including the court's role in establishing individual rights and equal protection. 
          Wednesday, March 01, 2017

          Thinkers & Doers: February 2017

          THE TRAVEL BAN -- Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes -- “Is it safe to eat that?” -- Testimony before the California Assembly -- “Swab as many people as possible” -- American Spies -- 100 years after the TL shutdown -- #LawValentine -- and much more
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          Professor David Levine commenting on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on President Trump's executive order.


          With the nation focused on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco and its decision on President Trump's "Travel Ban" Executive Order, UC Hastings faculty members—armed with their expert legal analysis—were called into action to perform dozens of interviews for various media outlets including the Associated Press, CNN, and Al Jazeera.

          Here are some of the highlights:

          -- Professor Rory Little (@RoryLittle) discussed what to expect prior to the Ninth Circuit’s oral argument on President Trump’s executive order for ABC7 News. 

          -- Professor Hadar Aviram had her commentary on the “Travel Ban” livestreamed for Al Jazeera English.

          -- Professor David Levine provided analysis for KTVU and the SF Examiner on what happens now that the 9th Circuit Court has heard arguments for Trump's travel ban? 

          -- “I think Kennedy and Roberts are seething about the president insulting their judges,” Little said for the Associated Press. “If they go to the U.S. Supreme Court, they risk getting a serious adverse ruling.” This commentary went viral and was included in stories from NBC Philadelphia; to Skift; to even the Daily Mail

          -- Little continued the “Travel Ban” commentary tour with CNN. 

          -- More analysis on the Ninth Circuit’s decision from Levine on FOX2. 

          -- President Trump travel ban on hold, for now and “they’re going to have to file a motion to either stay or motion to reverse or rid of mandamus to take some of the judge’s authority away in a sense,” said Little on WishTV8. 

          -- “The new order could go into effect immediately and would not be blocked by the court ruling that has kept the existing order on hold,” said Levine for the Associated Press. 

          -- “The only thing the Trump administration has said, astoundingly, is that judicial review itself is harm,” said Little for the SF Gate. 

          -- Levine was spotted on this Al Jazeera English segment entitled “Trump setback as US court refuses to restore travel ban.” 

          "Right now the state of Washington has made a pretty powerful showing of irreparable harm to lots of people who are affected by this decision," Little said in this article for ABC7 News. 

          -- UC Hastings Director of External Relations Alex A.G. Shapiro joined in the fun by photobombing this New York Times article. 

          -- A.G. Shapiro was also seen in a line-up with other members of the media in Newsday. 

          -- Little told the Guardian that both sides had reasonably strong arguments about their likelihood of winning on the merits, but when it comes to showing irreparable harm, the balance was clearly in favor of maintaining the restraining order. 

          -- What about a new order? “The new order could go into effect immediately and would not be blocked by the court ruling that has kept the existing order on hold,” said Levine for the Associated Press [which was picked up by countless outlets including MSN]. 


          “There’s absolutely a kickback concern if the doctor knows he’s going to get a check based on the number of patients who sign up and get tested.” Professor R. Gregory Cochran comments on genetic labs paying doctors to push dubious tests for STAT. 

          -- This story was shared by more than 30 news outlets from the Vancouver Sun to the Boston Globe.

          “It’s not an exaggeration to say [CRISPR] may be one of the greatest life science inventions ever,” said Professor Robin Feldman in the LA Times regarding UC Berkeley’s big loss in the CRISPR patent fight. 
          -- Feldman will be published in the New England Journal of Medicine with her article on data and policy prescriptions on certain drug pricing games entitled "A Citizen’s Pathway Gone Astray.” Although not as well-known in the legal world, the New England Journal of Medicine is about as good as it gets in the scientific community.

          Professor Richard Boswell discusses the Trump Administration’s hiring of more border protection for ABC7 News. 

          Professor Jill Bronfman’s (@privacytechlaw) law review article Weathering the Nest: Privacy Implications of Home Monitoring for the Aging American Population was cited four times in this publication from the Department of Commerce on Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things. 
          -- Bronfman will be presenting a paper at the Seventh Annual Internet Law Works-in-Progress conference at Santa Clara University School of Law on March 4, 2017. 
          -- You can also catch Bronfman in the U.K. to present “The Changing Map of Data Protection: Logistics v. Ethics for EU Refugee Crisis” from March 13-16 in London.
          -- Bronfman spoke before the sold out RSA Conference on “Dangerous Data: Is There Information We Should Not Keep? And Why...” 
          -- 8 Simple Rules for Surviving China’s New Rating System- Bronfman breaks them down in this article for Digital Asia Hub. 

          Professor John Leshy discusses national monuments and Congress with Fronteras. 

          Professor Naomi Roht-Arriaza attended a delegation for the Mauricio Aquino Foundation, whose attendees included Rep. Jim McGovern and Salvadoran President Sanchez Ceren.

          Professor Richard Zitrin helped draft a bill on Secrecy agreements: public dangers to be presented before the California State Legislature.

          Professor Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) assumes the presidency of the Western Society of Criminology. 
          -- State legislators may modify Prop. 57 to expand definition of violent crimes and Aviram expressed her disagreement with the proposed bill for the Daily Californian. 

          "Treating these people like lawbreakers, it's not the appropriate narrative, because people fleeing persecution, they're entitled to seek protection. And if they don't qualify for protection, then they're likely to be returned, but let's not start from the assumption that these people are criminals," says Professor Karen Musalo on the Trump administration’s asylum policy and how it could upend US-Mexico relations for CNN. 
          -- Musalo discussed legal concerns over the expansion of immigration enforcement, which would greatly increase the number of people subject to deportation on KQED Newsroom. 

          “Is it safe to eat that?” Professor Marsha Cohen (@msprof) weighed in on the proposal to simplify confusing food labels for the University of California Newsroom. 
          -- Cohen discusses the legal battle between almond milk and dairy milk for the New York Times. 

          Hear Professor Joan C. Williams (@JoanCWilliams) on the "very clear" steps companies need to take during sexual harassment claims. 
          -- Williams discussed how to respond to an offensive comment at work with the Harvard Business Review. 
          -- Williams said women of color were in "a double jeopardy" when it comes to challenges and opportunities in the workplace for the Californian. 

          Professor Matthew Coles said speech can be forbidden only when it involves “personally directed threats and intimidation,” while commenting on the Milo Yiannopoulos protests at UC Berkeley for the San Francisco Chronicle. 

          Professor Frank H. Wu (@frankhwu) was elected Vice Chair of National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI). 
          -- Wu contributed to this month’s The American Historian. 
          -- Wu was the special guest at the BLS Asian Pacific American Law Student Association’s Building Our Legacy: The Murder of Vincent Chin trial reenactment held at Brooklyn Law School.
          -- How would a Trump trade war with China affect the Southern California economy? Wu gives his commentary for the Orange County Register. 
          -- Wu wrote the foreword for the LSSSE annual report based out of the University of Indiana. 

          Professor David Levine was interviewed by KPIX to discuss the ethical repercussions for a Sonoma County judge who replaced a presidential portrait with... an orange!

          Professor Ahmed Ghappour (@ghappour) was mentioned in this Motherboard piece entitled “Activists Push Back Against FBI’s Worldwide Hacking Operation.” 

          IT'S MARCH -- Got a tip? Feedback? News to share? Let us know. By email: 


          John Diamond -- Clark Freshman -- Jared Ellias -- Carol Izumi -- Roslyn Foy -- Sowathany Ourk -- Katharine Walsham -- Cecilia Moreira -- Cory Fitzpatrick -- Cynthia Cleary-Jahnke -- Gina Barnett -- Natalya Skomorovsky -- Anthony Pelczynski


          -- Randy Shaw '82 discusses how 100 years after the shutdown, San Francisco’s Tenderloin thrives. 

          -- Local coffee shop George and Lennie featured in Vogue Magazine. 

          -- Sake, supper, and a soak in the Tenderloin. 

          -- 12 Hours in the Tenderloin: A Visitor’s Guide. 

          -- Sign up for the UC Hastings "Neighborhood Bulletin" to get the latest in what’s going on near campus.


          -- UC Hastings sent a team to the annual ICC International Commercial Mediation Week in Paris, France and 2L Johanna Kanes, 2L Jennifer Leather and 2L Emily Lynch finished in the top ten with teams from over 33 countries.

          -- 1L Michelle Human (aka Miss Honey) is a professional faerie. 

          -- 2L Sammy Chang presented testimony before the California Assembly Judiciary Committee on California’s bar exam passage practices. 

          -- Chang was also selected as a final candidate for the Education Director of the ABA Section on Legal Education.

          -- 3L Hector Ruiz was named as one of 25 elite law graduates for the Immigrant Justice Corps’ 2017 Justice Fellowship in Immigration Equality. 

          -- 2L Kelsey L. Campbell was voted in as a Commissioner on the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Commission. 



          -- Steve Phillips ’97 wrote an op-ed piece entitled “Move Left, Democrats” for the New York Times. 

          -- Adjunct Professor and alumnus James M. Wagstaffe ’80 defeated Bio-Rad with storytelling. 

          -- “I think I can be more effective on the outside.” Ann Ravel ‘74, Federal Election Commissioner, has sent in her letter of resignation to President Donald Trump. 

          -- Tom Miller ’73 is the only construction defect attorney to wear the Super Lawyers crown/hard hat in both Northern & Southern California.

          -- Oakland nonprofit sues Coca-Cola and 'Big Soda' lobbyist group over 'Following the Tobacco Playbook' and Dr. Robert Lustig M.L.S. commented for the East Bay Express. 

          -- Real Simple Magazine called Liz Curtis ‘09’s company Table + Teaspoon (@tableteaspoon) “genius.” 

          -- LimNexus is proud to announce that it is boosting its international arbitration and intellectual litigation prowess with the addition of international arbitrator and litigator Grant L. Kim ’84 as a partner. 

          -- Kim was also a guest speaker that the Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center (SIDRC). 

          -- Jennifer Granick ’93 started her book-signing tour for her recently released "American Spies: Modern Surveillance, Why You Should Care, and What To Do About It." 

          -- CAIR-SFBA Director Zahra Billoo ’09 is fighting President Trump’s “Travel Ban.” 

          -- 14 years and counting for Guy O. Korrnblum '66 who was again selected as a Northern California Super Lawyer for 2017. 

          -- Gil Parker ’75 was selected as a leader in the field of Real Estate law by Chambers & Partners USA, a leading guide in law firm rankings. 

          -- Lainey Feingold ’81 brings her alternative to lawsuits north of the border to Canada. 

          -- Joshua Yellin ’13 joined the Savannah, Georgia law firm HunterMaclean. 

          -- U.S. Chief District Judge Lawrence O'Neill '79 issued a preliminary injunction that blocks a state law that allows public officials to demand that their private information be removed from the internet, ruling that the state law is too broad and violates free speech rights. 

          -- Lynn M. Dean ’99 was lead on the trial team that earned an $11,603,591 bench verdict for the plaintiffs in a matter of misuse and misappropriation of investor funds. 



          -- Can you sue the President based on his tweets? Eunice Lee, Co-Legal Director at the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, weighs in for ars Technica. 

          -- UC Hastings listed as one of the Top 20 Most Diverse Law Schools in preLaw Magazine. 

          -- Clinical Professor Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu is presiding over one of the “travel ban” lawsuits filed in the Northern District of California City and County of San Francisco v. Donald J. Trump.

          -- Be my #LawValentine? UC Hastings helped spread some legal-based love through ecards this Valentine’s Day. 

          -- Deans of 20 ABA-approved law schools in California call on California Supreme Court to intervene and reset the scores for bar passage. 


          The UC Hastings community extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of Judge William Schwarzer and James Edward McCready ‘63.

          Judge William Schwarzer, former UC Hastings Professor, died on January 28. Judge James Browning said it best about Judge Shwarzer when he stated: Bill has done everything a practicing lawyer does, everything a lawyer at the highest level of government does, everything trial and appellate judges do, and has filled each of these roles superbly. A simple recitation of what he has done inevitably reads like a paean of praise. No one has made a greater contribution to the improvement of the litigation process. He has been at the cutting edge of new developments in the simplification and improvement of the administration of justice for more than twenty years. He has taught; he has written; he has led. 

          James Edward McCready ’63 practiced criminal law in San Francisco for over 50 years, primarily serving indigent clients and viewed his life purpose as “upholding the Constitution.” 

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