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          UC Hastings Professor Joan Williams welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a conversation that touches on a broad range of subjects, from opera to marriage to work/life balance, doctrinal questions, and cases from the 1970's to present, including the court's role in establishing individual rights and equal protection. 

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          Monday, May 22, 2017

          UC Hastings Students Honored for Public Interest Service

          The UC Hastings community celebrates its inspiring, tireless, and big-hearted students with a dedication to serve and help others in need.
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          Nancy Stuart Public Interest Award winners Jordyn Bishop ‘17, Paulina Torres ‘17, and Rebecca Richardson ‘17 with the award's namesake Nancy Stuart '94. Also honored with the award but not pictured: Hector Ruiz '17 and Jade Smith-Williams '17.

          The Public Interest Celebration annually recognizes UC Hastings students' outstanding performance in our clinics, in pro bono service, and contributions to the community.

          Nine clinics honored 15 students for outstanding performance. A dozen students (out of 39 students nominated by their peers, faculty, and community members) were honored with Community Public Interest Awards. Five graduating students received the inaugural Nancy Stuart Public Interest Award, to recognize their exemplary commitment to closing the access to justice gap for marginalized communities, exceptional contributions to the public interest community at UC Hastings, and their professors’ confidence that they will be courageous and effective advocates for social justice.

          Malea L. Chavez ’03, Deputy Director of the Homeless Prenatal Program, kicked off the event by delivering the keynote speech. She reflected upon her own pubic interest work at UC Hastings, which included founding the UC Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal, before the honorees received their awards.

          This year’s recipients have shown leadership through organizing social justice or public interest campus events, creating innovative social justice projects, or showing consistent representation for a voice of conscience in student organization meetings.

          Jordyn Bishop ’17 and Angelo Sandoval ’17 received Community Public Interest Awards for reinvigorating the Native American Law Students Association and working in solidarity with other student groups and their fellow Social Justice Lawyering concentrators to press for a more supportive environment for students of color and social-justice-minded students.

          Rising 3L Elizabeth Lincoln was honored with a Community Public Interest Award for dedicating herself to Legal Services for Children and traveling hours each week to meet with children in detention to listen to their personal, often horrific, stories, while preparing their legal cases.

          All of the inspiring and selfless awardees have worked tirelessly on nights and weekends, sacrificed breaks, and/or demonstrated strong leadership as part of their dedication to public interest service.

          The full list of awardees are as follows:

          Wiley W. Manuel Honorees
          Abraham Andrade
          Alexandra Andorfer
          Amanda Bernetsky
          Griffin Estes
          Gabrielle Gee
          Anupa George
          Gabrielle Lion
          Lisa Mccreadie
          Brooke Murphy
          Gabrielle Parris
          David Pasca
          Brandi Robinson
          Gabriella Rodezno
          Deborah Rodriguez
          Kristina Rosales
          Hector Ruiz
          Kea Scullion
          Rebecca Shuman
          Tyra Singleton
          Kaitlin Toyama
          Belle Yan

          AT&T Pro Bono Award
          Griffin Estes

          Nancy Stuart Public Interest Awards
          Jordyn Bishop
          Rebecca Richardson
          Hector Ruiz
          Jade Smith-Williams
          Paulina Torres

          Outstanding Performance in the Community Group Advocacy & Social Change Lawyering Clinic
          Natasha Jha

          Outstanding Performance in the Individual Representation Clinic
          Abraham Andrade
          Patrick Boyle

          Outstanding Performance in the Mediation Clinic
          Alexia Arocha
          Matt Reneris

          Outstanding Performance in the Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors Clinic
          Elina Protich

          Outstanding Performance in the Social Enterprise & Economic Empowerment Clinic
          Arnulfo Sanchez

          Outstanding Performance in the Refugee and Human Rights Clinic
          Hector Ruiz
          Alexandra Avram

          Outstanding Performance in the Workers’ Rights Clinic
          Natasha Jha

          Outstanding Performance in Lawyers for America
          Cameren Ripoli

          Legal Services for Children Certificate in Child Advocacy
          Dustin Hovda
          Stephanie Quintero
          Rebecca Richardson

          Outstanding Performance in Multiple Clinics
          Gabriella Rodezno

          Clinical Legal Education Association - CLEA Outstanding Student Award
          Ursula Lindsey

          Social Justice Lawyering Concentration 2017 Graduates
          Ehud Appel
          Deborah Awolope
          Jordyn Bishop
          Bianca Bisson
          Jacqueline Bonhorst
          Skyler Clary
          Ursula Lindsey
          Gabrielle Parris
          Rebecca Richardson
          Angel Sandoval
          Jade Smith-Williams
          Paola Tobias
          Kaitlyn Toyama

          Community Public Interest Awards
          Jordyn Bishop
          Briana Desch
          Stephen Ferris
          Gabby Gee
          Mayra Hernandez
          Elisabeth Lincoln
          David Osorio
          Zena Ozeir
          Leanna Sac
          Angelo Sandoval
          Tyra Singleton
          Alyssa Yoshida

          Experiential Learning at UC Hastings

          At UC Hastings, we believe legal education should be an active, engaging process that prepares students for real world law practice. Every day, our renowned clinical programs fuse the powers of innovative classroom and experiential learning opportunities with our unique location and relationships in San Francisco to educate and inspire the country’s future lawyers, legislators, mediators, judges, and partners in business. For more information, click here

          Nancy Stuart Public Interest Fund

          The Nancy Stuart Public Interest Fund is established to continue the work of UC Hastings alumna and former Associate Dean Nancy Stuart, in advancing social justice work within the UC Hastings community and supporting students committed to closing the access to justice gap for marginalized communities. The fund provides scholarships to rising 2L and 3L UC Hastings students with a demonstrated record of public interest and social justice commitment. In addition to academic scholarships, the fund will also provide grants to graduating students to reduce financial burdens while studying for the Bar Exam. Scholarships and grants will be awarded to students based on a variety of considerations including the student's record of public interest work, financial need, professional pursuits, and contributions to social justice efforts at UC Hastings. To support the Nancy Stuart Public Interest fund, click here


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