Selected Faculty Publications Since 2015

At UC Hastings, we consistently produce high-profile, diverse, and influential scholarship.

We publish in the top university presses, law reviews, and peer-reviewed journals. We testify before Congress, agencies, and state governments. We draft court rules and ALI Restatements. Our centers are awarded grants and awards to produce cutting-edge empirical research. We are among the most highly cited by academics and courts. At UC Hastings, we know scholarship.

Scholarly Books

Hadar Aviram, Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment (University of California Press 2015).
Ben Depoorter (editor), The Economics of Intellectual Property (Edward Elgar 2016) (with Peter Menell).
Scott Dodson (editor), The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Cambridge University Press 2015).
Joseph Grodin & Michael Salerno (editors), The California State Constitution (Oxford University Press 2d ed. 2015) (with Darien Shanske).
Geoffrey Hazard (editor), The Jurisprudence of Justice Roger Traynor (University of California Hastings Press 2015)
Ugo Mattei, The Ecology of Law: Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community (Berrett- Koehler Publishers 2015) (with Fritjof Capra).
Ugo Mattei (editor), Research Handbook on Political Economy and Law (Edward Elgar 2016) (with John Haskell).
Setsuo Miyazawa et al. (editors), East Asia’s Renewed Respect for the Rule of Law in the 21st Century: the Future of Legal and Judicial Landscapes in East Asia (Brill Nijho 2015).
Joel Paul, Without Precedent: John Marshall and His Times (Riverhead Books/Penguin Random House 2017)
Reuel Schiller, Forging Rivals: Race, Class, Law and the Collapse of Postwar Liberalism (Cambridge University Press 2015).

Representative Articles in Top Law Reviews

Ben Depoorter, The Dangerous Undertaking: How Courts Should Approach Aesthetic Judgments in Copyright Law, 109 Northwestern University Law Review 343 (2015) (with Robert Walker).
Scott Dodson, The Gravitational Force of Federal Law, 164 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 703 (2016).
Scott Dodson, Joint and Several Jurisdiction, 65 Duke Law Journal 1323 (2016) (with Phil Pucillo).
Scott Dodson, An Opt-In Option for Class Actions, 115 Michigan Law Review (2016).
Scott Dodson, Jurisdiction and Its Effects, 105 Georgetown Law Journal (2017).
Veena Dubal, Wage Slave or Entrepreneur: Contesting the Dualism of Legal Worker Identities, 105 California Law Review (2017).
David L. Faigman, Where Law and Science (and Religion) Meet, 93 Texas Law Review 1659 (2015).
David L. Faigman et al., Scientific Gatekeeping: Using the Structure of Scientific Research to Distinguish Between Admissibility and Weight in Expert Testimony, 110 Northwestern University Law Review (2016).
Robin Feldman, The CRISPR Revolution: What Editing Human DNA Reveals About the Patent System’s DNA, UCLA Law Review (2017).
Ahmed Ghappour, Searching Places Unknown: Law Enforcement Jurisdiction on the Dark Web, 69 Stanford Law Review (2017).
Dave Owen, Regional Federal Administration, 63 UCLA Law Review 58 (2016).
Zachary Price, Law Enforcement as Political Question, 91 Notre Dame Law Review 1571 (2016).
Manoj Viswanathan, The Hidden Costs of Cliff Effects in the Internal Revenue Code, 164 University Of Pennsylvania Law Review 931 (2016).
Works In Peer-Reviewed Journals
Hadar Aviram, Book Review, 49 Law & Society Review 295 (2015).
Hadar Aviram, Book Review, 43 Political & Military Sociology 191 (2015).
Hadar Aviram, The Correctional Hunger Games: Understanding Realignment in the Context of the Great Recession, 664 Annals Of The American Academy Of Political & Social Science 260 (2016).
Alina Ball, Disruptive Pedagogy: Incorporating Critical Theory in Business Law Clinics, 22 Clinical Law Review 1 (2015).
Ben Depoorter et al., The Moral Hazard Effect of Liquidated Damages: An Experiment on Contract Remedies, Journal Of Institutional & Theoretical Economics (2016).
Jared Ellias, Do Activist Investors Constrain Managerial Moral Hazard in Chapter 11? Evidence from Junior Activist Investing, Journal Of Legal Analysis (2016).
David L. Faigman et al., On the Causes of Effects: Response to Pearl, 44 Social Methods & Research 165 (2015).
Robin Feldman, Patent Licensing, Technology Transfer and Innovation, American Economic Review (2016) (with Mark Lemley).