Professor Scott Dodson’s Oklahoma Law Review Article Cited in 10th Circuit Ruling

The United States Court of Appeals 10th Circuit recently cited an article from Professor Scott Dodson in a contract assignment decision.

The 10th Circuit quoted from Dodson’s, “Dignity: The New Frontier of State Sovereignty,” 56 Okla. L. Rev. 777, 778 (2003), in Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services v. United States Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration, where it upheld a district court decision to appoint counterclaimant David Altstatt, Sr. to a disputed vending assignment. The 10th Circuit also reversed the district court’s decision to award Altstatt, Sr. damages and attorney fees.

The decision was announced on Sept. 26.

“[T]he dignity rationale itself lacks substantial justification and is untethered to any limiting principles save those locked inside the minds of five Justices,” wrote Dodson, Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Research.

Dodson’s articles also appear in the recently released 2018 Judges’ Book where he writes on issues of jurisdiction.

Read the full decision.