California Ballot Measures 2018 Explained by UC Hastings Law Professors

With the Nov. 6 election right around the corner and absentee voting underway, our faculty experts break down some of the measures that appear on the 2018 ballot, including the rent control and gas tax repeal measures.

Watch the short videos below to learn more about the measures.

Professor Dave Owen explains Prop. 3, a nearly $9 billion water bond on the November ballot that would allocate funds for drinking water programs, dam improvements and more.

Professor Marsha Cohen breaks down Prop. 5, a statewide initiative on the November 2018 ballot that would expand property tax benefits for homeowners 55 and older, the severely disabled and natural disaster victims.

Professor Dave Owen explains Prop.6, which, if passed by voters this November, would repeal a 12-cent gas tax and vehicle registration increase passed in 2017.

Professor David Levine untangles Prop. 7, which, if passed in November 2018, would restore power to the legislature to undo the Daylight Saving Time Act of 1949.

Professor emeritus Joe Grodin delves into Prop. 10, which would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, giving local governments the ability to pass stronger rent control laws.

Professor¬†Veena Dubal breaks down Prop. 11, which sets on-call rules for paramedics and EMT’s.

Professor Naomi Roht-Arriaza explains Prop. 12, which seeks to expand on an existing proposition that set provide more room for hens, egg-laying chickens, and veal calves to move around.

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