Event Brings Together UC Law SF Tax Law Community

“Our vision for this center is to be the hub of tax-related activities."

A Who’s Who list of state tax law experts, students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered on Thursday, Feb. 28 to formally welcome UC Law SF’s Center on Tax Law during the center’s inaugural reception.

Attendees gathered at the UC Law SF Sky Room to celebrate the launch of the programmatic center, connect with potential colleagues and learn about the direction of the center. Professors Heather Field and Manoj Viswanathan – senior and co-director, respectively, of the center—delivered brief remarks to the crowd.

“One of the goals of the Center is to bring the UC Law SF tax community closer together, and to foster stronger ties among the people within it,” said Field, who is also the Eucalyptus Foundation Chair. “The Center now formally recognizes and centralizes all of Hastings’ tax efforts. And in doing so, the center is the next step in the evolution of our long-standing tax program, and it provides us a platform to do more.”

Both Field and Viswanathan laid out their bold vision for the center.

“We want to facilitate connections between all of the members of our tax community. We want people to interact in new ways that will be enriching not just for the institution, but for everyone involved,” Viswanathan said. “Our vision for this center is to be the hub of tax-related activities, having a decent consideration for all members of the UC Law SF community, past, current, and future.”

For recent graduate Jennifer Fung ’18, it was important to support the center because it will help students find a community and support network. “This center makes me feel really proud to be a UC Law SF alum,” Fung said.

The law school’s rich legacy in tax law was on full display throughout the evening. Field noted alumni of the program have gone on to become partners, executives and other tax professionals who work in-house, and as advisors of leading companies on tax strategies. Companies include the Department of Justice Tax Division, the California Franchise tax Board, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

“One thing I have heard over the years from our alums is that their tax educations here at UC Law SF have been an important part of what makes them successful in their careers, and to me, that’s actually one of the greatest rewards of teaching,” Field said.