Professor Kelly Weisberg Publishes New Treatise on Domestic Violence Law

A major new reference guide was just published on domestic violence, Domestic Violence Law, by Professor D. Kelly Weisberg, UC Law SF. The book is published by West Academic Press in its Hornbook Series.

The Hornbook Series is a collection of treatises on specific areas of the law. West Academic Press publishes only a few new titles per year in this prestigious scholarly series. Since inception of the Hornbook Series over fifty years ago, West has published only about 70 first-edition hornbooks. Weisberg joins the ranks of other distinguished professors at UC Law SF who have written authoritative legal treatises, including William Prosser (Torts), Mary Kay Kane (Wright & Kane on Federal Courts); and Roger Park (Park & Friedman on Evidence).

Weisberg’s new book on domestic violence makes a unique contribution to both the legal and social science literature on intimate partner violence. It serves as a valuable reference tool for a broad audience of legal professionals, social service personnel, teachers, students, researchers, and advocates. This comprehensive up-to-date survey of domestic violence covers laws on both the federal and state level.

The reference guide sheds light on the law’s response (civil and criminal) to the full range of forms of domestic violence. These forms include physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, coercive control, litigation abuse, separation abuse, pet abuse, non-fatal strangulation, stalking, dating violence, elder abuse and more. The book also explores domestic violence in specific contexts (the military, police, and sports).

On the federal level, the book examines the interstate crime of domestic violence, interstate stalking, and interstate violation of protection orders. It also explores the federal government’s role in firearm regulation, including restrictions on persons subject to restraining orders and persons convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence. It also examines the role of domestic violence in mass shootings and the role of domestic violence in tribal law. International legal developments are covered as well, including the relationship of domestic violence to mail order brides, asylum, child custody, and child abduction.

The book is noteworthy for its integration of legal and social science perspectives on the nature of domestic violence and the law’s response. Interweaving theory and social science research, the book aims to enhance the understanding of the multiple ways that domestic violence influences victims’ experiences and their legal claims.

The book is an essential addition to the library of every person working in the field of intimate partner violence or any person who is interested in learning more about it. The hardbound edition is 566 pages (ISBN: 9781634591584) and costs $125.00. To purchase a copy of the book, visit:, or contact a West Academic Account Manager at:, or call: 800-782-1272.