UC Hastings Law Announces Creation of New Scholarly Journal

New journal seeks to establish a "cross-disciplinary platform in which scholars and practitioners analyze criminal law, procedure"

UC Hastings Law announced the creation of a new scholarly journal, aimed at the discussion of criminal law, incarceration and the criminal justice system.

The new journal, called the Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment, will examine this area of the law from a unique perspective. Its executive board plans to invite written analysis of those who traditionally have been excluded from legal scholarship, including incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, as well as others who have been most affected by the criminal justice system.

“Our intention is to establish a cross-disciplinary platform in which scholars and practitioners analyze criminal law and procedure as well as the different institutions of incarceration,” according to the Journal’s mission statement.

Christopher Johnson and Tatiana Herschlikowicz, 2Ls, serve as the new journal’s co-editors in chief. Graydon Rose, Leo Fissel, Caroline Hill, Katelyn McCormick, Victoria Ruiz, Colton Donica and Michelle Trejo–Saldivar round out the journal’s board.

Director of the O’Brien Center for Scholarly Publications Tom McCarthy says the journal is recruiting rising 3Ls to join its Executive Board. Rising 3L’s interested in applying to an open position should send a short statement of interest (no more than 100 words) and your resume to hjcp@uchastings.edu by Wednesday, April 3rd.

A list of executive position descriptions can be found here.