In the News: Why the Cancer ‘Moonshot’ Has Been So Disappointing | Washington Post

Robin Feldman

UC Law SF Professor Robin Feldman’s op-ed, “Why the cancer ‘moonshot’ has been so disappointing,” was published in The Washington Post.

In the op-ed, Feldman argues pharmaceutical companies pour resources into “orphan drugs” rather than making a concerted effort to cure cancer. The result, she argues, is high prices and disappointing results fueled by a regulatory regime that encourages quantity over quality.

“Curing cancer is an enormously difficult technical and medical problem. But despite periodic pleas to eradicate cancer, the federal government hasn’t actually invested large sums or directed researchers to focus on cancer,” Feldman writes. “What we are seeing from pharma isn’t a concerted effort to cure cancer, but a piecemeal response to a regulatory regime that has encouraged quantity over quality.”

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