New Student Journal Tackles Crime and Punishment

The journal staff will host a symposium on “progressive prosecution” Feb. 7, 2020, featuring, among other speakers, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

The editors and staff of the Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment.

UC Hastings Law adds a tenth title to its suite of student-edited journals with the inaugural issue of Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment (HJCP), published alongside its peer publications. Focusing on criminal law, incarceration and the criminal justice system, the journal is scheduled to publish twice a year, in December and May.

In a joint statement, Editors-in-Chief Tatiana Herschlikowicz and Christopher Johnson said, “Our intention is to establish a cross-disciplinary platform in which scholars and practitioners analyze criminal law and procedure as well as the different institutions of incarceration.”

Besides publishing the journal, HJCP staff plan to host events focused on pertinent issues. The first, a symposium on “progressive prosecution,” will be held Feb. 7, 2020.

All student-edited journals are produced and published through UC Hastings’ O’Brien Center for Scholarly Publications, led by Tom McCarthy. In announcing Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment, McCarthy said, “Congratulations to Tatiana and Christopher and the rest of the staff. HJCP will add a vital area of law to the publishing agenda of the department and keep the college at the forefront of legal scholarship.”

In announcing the journal, the staff noted that, “Ultimately, we believe that through the exploration of criminal law and its greater context in American society, HJCP can contribute to a critical discourse on punishment, justice and human dignity.”

Faculty advisors to the journal include Hadar Aviram, Kate Bloch, Binyamin Blum, John Diamond, Rory Little, Aaron Rappaport, Mai Linh Spencer and Lois Weithorn. The inaugural issue includes an article by Professor Aviram, “Are We Still Cheap on Crime? Austerity, Punitivism, and Common Sense in the Trump/Sessions/Barr Era,” available here.

UC Hastings recently expanded its offerings online. All of school’s law journals are freely available: Hastings Business Law Journal, Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, Hastings Environmental Law Journal, Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment, Hastings International and Comparative Law Review, Hastings Law Journal, Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal, and Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal. Hastings Women’s Law Journal was accessible online prior to the Library’s most recent digitization effort. Some 289 volumes and 959 issues were added to the Library’s digital repository in the past year.