Student Q&A: Rising 2L Loren Hampton

Each month, the alumni newsletter features a Q&A with a student. Meet rising 2L Loren Hampton, Co-President of the Black Student Law Association (BLSA).

Q: What led you to pursue a law degree?

A: My dream was to become a doctor from the time I had my first surgery at age six, up until my senior year of undergrad. Part of the reason I wanted to be a doctor was to give back to the Black community, but once I started understanding that a lot of the illnesses in my community were due to inferior schooling, predatory loans, food deserts, and other forms of oppression, I decided I wanted to work on prevention and went to get my Masters in Pubic Health. During my time in graduate school I focused on various forms of systemic racism and how they affect the health of marginalized people and Black people more specifically.

As a Black woman, I knew I would need more letters behind my name before being afforded a seat at the tables where I deserved to sit. Therefore, I decided to pursue a law degree so that white America would take me seriously, and so that I could use the skills I acquire in law school to dismantle structural and institutional racism.

Q: What experience have you appreciated the most since starting at UC Hastings?

A: I appreciate the experience of studying with and spending time in general with the few close friends I have made at Hastings. As a group we really support and uplift one another. The memories we made and the friendship we formed will last a lifetime, and I’m so thankful to have had those experiences.

Q: If you could choose any job after graduation, what job would you choose? 

A: After law school, I hope to work at a place where I gain the necessary skills to become a strong and effective litigator.

Q: Who would you have dinner with if you could choose anyone (dead or alive)?

A: Easy, the Obamas! I have so much to learn from them about being a lawyer, working in politics, raising a family, having a healthy marriage, authoring a book, and so much more.