In the News – April 12, 2021

Media Highlights

S.F. school board member Alison Collins’ lawsuit draws skepticism from legal experts

San Francisco Chronicle—April 1, 2021

Joel Paul: “Collins has a public forum, the ability to speak her mind and defend herself.”

Carrots, sticks and jabs: What will California do to win over vaccine skeptics?

Cal Matters—April 1, 2021

Dorit Reiss: In theory, California and other state governments have “broad power to regulate in the public health, even if that means limiting individual rights.”

California Contractors Are Abusing Workers’ Comp Rules. A New Bill Would Change That

KQED—April 1, 2021

Veena Dubal: “Failure to carry workers’ compensation has had devastating impacts for workers (and their families) who are injured on the job.”

Their Lawsuit Prevented 400,000 Deportations. Now It’s Biden’s Call.

New York Times—April 7, 2021

Karen Musalo: “There has never been anything of a legal nature that recognizes U.S. culpability for these conditions.”

After FBI seizure of safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, legal challenges mount

Los Angeles Times—April 8, 2021

Hadar Aviram: “The warrant that remains under seal in the U.S. Private Vaults case is the key to whether prosecutors met the legal standard for breaking the box holders’ expectation of privacy.”

Donovan Deaths: 3 Prisoners Found Dead Or Dying In Cells From COVID-19

Patch—April 8, 2021

Hadar Aviram: “There is no crime that heinous that it sentences you to die of a virus and to not get medical attention.”

She sued for pregnancy discrimination. Now she’s battling Google’s army of lawyers

The Guardian—April 9, 2021

Veena Dubal: “It is exceedingly rare for a company like Google to take an employee to court over an issue like this.”

Across New England, out-of-state college students will enter the COVID vaccine mix

The Providence Journal—April 9, 2021

Dorit Reiss: “I am very sure that we will see court cases.”

Community Stories

LEOP and Airbnb Forge New Diversity Collaboration

UC Hastings Law took its mock interview training program to a new level this year, thanks to growing alumni engagement and a new collaboration with Airbnb’s legal department targeting students from diverse backgrounds.

Startup Legal Garage Wins Two Prestigious Awards

This March, SLG’s decade-plus record of success attracted two prestigious awards. They recognize SLG’s efforts to help women, minority, disadvantaged, and veteran entrepreneurs turn groundbreaking ideas into stable companies with the potential to make lasting impacts.

Students Travel Virtually to Provide Immigration Legal Aid

Members of the group Hastings Students for Immigrant’ Rights worked alongside faculty advisers and local organizations to help asylum seekers prepare for their hearings and transition to life outside their detention center.

Scholarly Leadership

Karen Musalo delivered an address, “Refugee and Asylum Protection: The Struggle for Gender Equality and against Racism and Xenophobia,” at the University of North Carolina conference, Immigration: A Global Humanitarian Crisis (March 19, 2021).

Heather Field presented “Itemization After the TCJA: How State Election Uniformity Laws Undermined Tax Simplification” at the Florida State Tax Speaker Series (March 16, 2021) and at a University of Florida Tax Colloquium (March 29, 2021).

Robin Feldman’s article “Naked Price and Pharmaceutical Trade Secret Overreach,” published in the Yale J.L. & Tech., was judged one of the best intellectual property articles of 2020 by Thomson Reuters. It will be included in an anthology edition recognizing the pieces chosen.