In the News – April 19, 2021

Media Highlights

Former Shasta County sheriff’s deputy accused of 2019 manslaughter one step closer to trial

Record Searchlight—April 16, 2021

George Bisharat: “When making charging decisions, prosecutors sometimes take into account whether the circumstances of the allegation are considered ‘aggravating’ or ‘mitigating.’”

Commencement speaker Wally Adeyemo followed a remarkable road to leadership

Berkeley News—April 15, 2021

Jenny Kwon: “It was just very powerful. It seemed clear, even then — he’s going to be someone.”

Pharma Consolidation

BYURadio—April 14, 2021

Robin Feldman: “Companies buy other companies all the time. But this is quite different from what we’ve seen since the 1980s.”

Reclaiming Asylum, Rethinking the Border—April 13, 2021

Karen Musalo: “If you think of asylum seekers as individuals who have fled persecution, been persecuted, and are traumatized, you would have a different model than a law enforcement model.”

California Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions on Churches After Supreme Court Ruling

The New American—April 13, 2021

Rory Little: “These types of cases are processed rapidly because the court has deemed them an emergency.”

Salesforce Set To Welcome Vaccinated Employees Back To Office

Yahoo News—April 13, 2021

Dorit Reiss: “Generally vaccine mandates are legal. They’re workplace conditions to increase health and safety. They’re just as legal as requiring handwashing.”

For the Fifth Time, Supreme Court Rules Against California Health Restrictions in ‘Shadow Docket’ Hearing

KQED—April 12, 2021

Rory Little: “These cases were decided without full briefing, without oral argument and without the normal considerations we give to constitutional issues.”

Sprague Remembered As Tough, Principled Legal Titan

Law 360—April 7, 2021

Shanin Specter: “He was more about individual freedoms. He was extraordinarily imaginative and gifted, but he wanted complete control over anything he was doing.”

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Drug companies keep merging. Why that’s bad for consumers and innovation.

Washington Post—April 6, 2021

Robin Feldman: “Now only a handful of manufacturers are responsible for sourcing the vast majority of prescription drugs: Just four companies produced more than 50 percent of all generic drugs in 2017.”

Scholarship and Engagement

Jared Ellias presented “Government Activism in Bankruptcy” at a Symposium hosted by the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal and at the UC Hastings-Wharton Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Seminar.

Naomi Roht-Arriaza posted “To Combat Central America’s Bad Governance, Biden Can’t Just Throw Money at the Problem” to the Just Security Blog.

Chimène Keitner spoke at an American Society of International Law Annual Meeting Panel on “Key Questions in Foreign Relations Law Under the Biden Administration.”