In the News – May 3, 2021

Media Highlights

Domestic Abuse Survivors Fear Deportation Under Trump Policy Biden Has Yet To Reverse

NPR — April 30, 2021

Blaine Bookey: “Women, children, families are being sent back to the very dangers that they fled.”

Journalism at San Quentin

SF Weekly — April 29, 2021

Hadar Aviram: “It’s terrible. It’s a human rights crime of the highest order.”

Immigrant Advocates Urge Biden Administration to End Trump Bar on Asylum for Domestic Violence Victims

KHSU — April 28, 2021

Karen Musalo: “Every day that these decisions remain in place means that individuals who have deserving claims for protection and whose lives are really at risk are being denied and sent back to the countries they fled.”

Get the shot or stay away from campus: At least 80 universities ORDER students to get COVID vaccine before returning in fall

Daily Mail — April 28, 2021

Dorit Reiss: “Some red states where universities want to mandate vaccines – and are debating the issue now – they are going to be very aware that they’re acting at risk of retribution.”

Is Our Vaccination Strategy Correct?

Smerconish — April 28, 2021

Shanin Specter: “Vaccine verification, while popular in public opinion polls, has been outlawed in several states and rarely required by businesses.”

Life Of Bi-County Health Officer Threatened By Podcast Host

Good Day CW31— April 27, 2021

John Myers: “This is clearly a clear and present threat of physical harm to the doctor.”

Gig workers fear carjacking, other violence amid spike in crimes

NBC News — April 24, 2021

Veena Dubal: “It’s a pattern that especially affects minorities working in the lower-paying jobs.”

The Need for More Chris Stevenses: A Memorial Lecture at UC Law SF

Just Security — April 23, 2021

Christina Ennis and Chimene Keitner: “On April 14, UC Law SF School hosted the 7th annual Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens Lecture honoring the memory, life, and work of UC Law SF graduate Chris Stevens, who was killed when the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked in September 2012.”

In plain English, what is the difference between legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana use?

Lawnstarter — April 23, 2021

Marsha Cohen: “For marijuana to be legal, there needs to be a change in laws, requiring a legislature to act (or in a state like California, a vote of the people can accomplish some law changes).”

Whether schools and businesses can require COVID-19 vaccinations

KCRW — April 23, 2021

Dorit Reiss: “Private businesses can also require employees and customers to be vaccinated.”

Community Stories

Domestic Violence Expert Kelly Weisberg Wins Journalism Award

UC Law SF Professor Kelly Weisberg received the Hope Rising Journalism Award at the International Family Justice Center Conference earlier this month in recognition of her work as editor of the leading legal newsletter on domestic violence.

Dispute Resolution Program Earns Top 10 Ranking

An award-winning negotiation and dispute resolution team, a top-tier mediation clinic, and a holistic approach to providing students with the skills they need to be successful in the workplace are three of the qualities that likely earned UC Law SF its #8 ranking for dispute resolution programs in U.S. News and World Report.

Scholarly Leadership

Mai Linh Spencer was selected to fill one of two seats representing the legal academy on the Blue-Ribbon Commission on the Future of the California Bar Examination.

Dorit Reiss produced a webinar on “The COVID Vaccine: Employee Rights & Compliance.

Reuel Schiller presented “Operating Manuals for the Administrative State: Counterculture Intellectuals and Regulatory Reform in Late Twentieth-Century America” at the University of Minnesota Law School Legal History Workshop.