Academic Calendar

Fall 2020

August 3 (M) - August 7 (F)LEOP Orientation
August 6 (TH) - August 14 (F)LL.M. Orientation
August 6 (TH) - August 14 (F)MSL Orientation
August 10 (M) - August 13 (TH) JD Orientation
August 17 (M)Fall 2020 Classes Begin
August 20 (Th)Last Waitlist Seat Offer for Fall 2020 (Waitlist Ends)
August 23 (Su)Fall 2020 Add/Drop Ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT
September 7 (M)Labor Day Holiday Observed (No Classes)
September 14 (M) - October 2 (F)Midterm Exam Period
September 30 (W)JDs: Last day to file intent to complete a writing requirement (AR 703) through a seminar for the Fall 2020 term.
October 9 (F)MSLs: Last day to file intent to complete a writing requirement (AR 5004) through a seminar for the Fall 2020 term.
November 10 (T) - November 12 (TH)9 AM, Priority Registration
November 11 (W)Veteran's Day Holiday (No Classes)
November 13 (F)Registration Closed
November 16 (M)9 AM, Spring 2021 1L Registration Begins
November 17 (T)9 AM, Spring 2021 3L, LLM & MSL Registration Begins

Last Day of Classes
Tuesday is treated as Wednesday. (Tuesday classes do not meet. Wednesday classes are held during normal times. Make-up for Veterans Day).
November 18 (W)9 AM, Spring 2021 2L Registration Begins
November 19 (TH)9 AM, Spring 2021 FX Registration Begins
November 18 (W) – November 29 (Su)Reading Period
November 20 (F)Registration Closed
November 23 (M)Open Registration Continues & Waitlist Seat Offers Begin
November 26 (TH) – November 27 (F)Thanksgiving Holiday Observed (No Classes)
November 30 (M) – December 12 (SA)Final Exam Period

Spring 2021

January 4 (M)Daily Waitlist Seat Offers Begin
January 11 (M)First Day of Spring 2021 Classes.
January 14 (TH)Last Waitlist Seat Offer. Waitlists close.
January 17 (Su)Add/Drop Ends. Last Day to Add Classes or Drop classes with a 100% Tuition Refund. (After this date the instructor's permission must be obtained to drop the course. A grade of "W" will appear on the transcript).
January 18 (M)Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No Classes)
January 19 (T)Tuesday is treated as a Monday. (Tuesday classes do not meet. Monday classes meet at their regular times. Makeup for Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday) .
February 14 (Su)Last day to file Intent to Complete the Writing Requirement Through a Seminar form to the Records Office
February 15 (M)Presidents' Day Holiday
March 8 (M) – March 12 (F)Spring Break (No Classes)
March 12(F)Administrative Offices Closed
March 26 (F)Cesar Chavez Holiday Observed (No Classes)
April 21 (W) Last Day of Classes
Wednesday Treated as a Friday (Wednesday classes don't meet. Friday classes meet at their regularly scheduled time. Makeup date for Cesar Chavez Holiday).
April 22 (Th) – April 26 (M)Reading Period
April 27 (T) - May 12 (W)Exam Period (NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, take-home exams are due on Tuesday, May 11 by 11:59 PM)
May 17 (M)Commencement
May 31 (M)Memorial Day Holiday Observed (No Classes)

Summer 2021

May 17 (M) – June 24 (Th)Summer Session 1 (6 weeks)
May 17 (M) - August 12 (Th)Full Session Summer Session (13 weeks)
June (21) (M)Summer Session 1 Last Day of Classes
June 25 (F)Summer Session 1 Reading Period
June 28 (M) - June 29 (T)Summer Session 1 Final Exam Period
July 5 (M)Independence Day Holiday Observed
July 6 (T) - August 12 (Th)Summer Session 2
August 13 (F)Summer Session 2 & Full Session Reading Period
August 16 (M) - August 18 (W)Summer Session 2 & Full Session Final Exam Period

*Dates subject to change