Support for Academic Success

We serve every student by providing personalized academic advising, access to online academic skills resources, and individualized academic support. Our mission is to create a cohesive academic support network and advance academic skills instruction across the curriculum to maximize our students’ academic success in law school and beyond. Current students may access any of the resources below at Sharknet.

Skills Instruction & Support

Our advanced skills instruction and academic support programs promote student academic success through programmatic, curricular, and pedagogical innovations.

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors provide guidance and support to students on their journey to achieving their academic goals. The advisors help students tailor our vast offerings to help them make the most of their three years at UC Law SF.

Legal Writing Resource Center

The LWRC provides individualized feedback on students’ written work, including organization, analysis, and the correct use of legal authority. The LWRC has a library of resources developed to help students succeed in law school and in their professional careers. Current students can visit Sharknet for more information.

LEOP’s Elizabeth McGriff
Legal Education Opportunity Program

LEOP’s individualized academic resources, programs, and services are designed to supplement existing skills, knowledge, and learning styles.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Program ensures that all students have an equal opportunity for success. Through education and support, we promote a welcoming, inclusive environment that empowers students to overcome obstacles to achievement.

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Academic Skills Resources

With online resources and small-group instruction, Academic Success Lecturers assist students with developing and implementing academic strategies for success.

Academic Support Program

The Academic Support branch of OASIS complements the law school curriculum, with a focus on the process involved in developing skills that are necessary to succeed in law school. The Program holds workshops, discussion groups, and individual office hours. Current students can visit Sharknet for more information.

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Bar Passage Support

The Bar Passage Support Program holds bar-related programming throughout the academic year and during bar review. We offer 1:1 counseling on State Bar admission requirements and bar exam preparation. Current students can visit Sharknet for more information.

Library Resources

One of the most beautiful Libraries in the SF Bay Area, the UC Law SF Library supports students’ educational and research endeavors through online and hard-copy resources on legal analysis, legal writing, and test-taking strategies.