AI, Data, and Capital Markets Initiative

Shaping the next generation of legal and policy frameworks to protect the public interest

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies is transforming capital markets and the legal systems designed to protect them. This poses unprecedented challenges and a new frontier of complex questions:

a woman looks at an AI art project, which is a wall of small images

· How do we monitor and regulate transactions driven by complicated algorithms and executed with little or no human intervention?
· How do we protect data and systemic integrity?
· How do we assess responsibility for unintended consequences and adverse outcomes?
· How do we ensure fairness for individuals and companies in environments driven by AI?

Led by former SEC Commissioner Kara Stein and based in San Francisco at the heart of the world’s technology ecosystem, the AI, Data, and Capital Markets Initiative is uniquely poised to map the implications of technological changes for public markets and advance proposals and advisories for policymakers and the public.

Commissioner Stein brings a profound knowledge of the distinct challenges and opportunities facing the capital markets. Appointed by President Barack Obama in 2013 and confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate, Stein served as a commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for five years, advocating for sweeping changes to the Commission’s rules and practices for the digital age. During her tenure, she focused on identifying ways to enhance the securities market structure to promote efficiency and resiliency. She now serves as the AI, Data & Capital Markets Initiative’s Director.

Image credit: Emily Grundon, 2018, installation of Myriad (Tulips) by Anna Ridler, 
which explores AI & markets.