The Law & Medicine Initiative

Preserving access to life-saving drugs while protecting innovation, markets

Health care law is a complex and opaque area of law that does not always yield level playing fields or outcomes that benefit the public interest. This complexity makes it challenging for policymakers and stakeholders to solve systemic problems, such as high drug prices, pay-for-delay tactics, and patent law abuse.

The non-partisan Law & Medicine Initiative aims to:

  • Improve affordability, access, and quality in health care systems while protecting innovation and ensuring that markets are fair, efficient, and transparent;
  • Generate the data and information that policymakers need to improve health care systems;
  • Increase understanding of complex topics in law and medicine; and
  • Develop a stable of solutions that serve the public interest.

The Law & Medicine Initiative has illuminated critical health care law developments through research publications, Congressional testimony, and the creation of a large-scale database that identifies patent protection extensions for prescription drugs. Our work has been cited extensively by Congress and regulatory agencies in the establishment of innovative policies. The Law & Medicine Initiative is led by Professor Robin Feldman.

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Resources by Topic

C4i’s Law & Medicine Initiative generates data and information that policymakers need to improve health care systems and aims to improve understanding of complex topics in law and medicine. Presented here are some of the key resources developed by the Initiative arranged by topic.