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Founded in 2008, the Consortium leverages law and policy to address the conditions in health care systems and society that together enable health and well-being. The Consortium envisions a world in which all individuals and communities can attain the highest level of health possible, defined on their own terms. To this end, the Consortium builds multidisciplinary and multistakeholder collaborations among faculty and students of UCSF and UC Hastings Law and the patients, clients, communities, and organizations we serve alongside. Through these collaborations, we engage in education and training, research, and public service that advances health and health equity. In all areas, the Consortium’s work is guided by core values of empathy, intellectual and academic integrity, and optimism.

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Jan 27

Abortion and the Supreme Court: the Threat to Access

Beth Parker, General Counsel for Planned Parenthood, California Central Coast is leading a lecture and discussion on abortion access and the Supreme Court via Zoom…

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Event Archives

Health Law Advising Panel

Health Law Faculty and Health Law & Policy Student Concentrators answer common questions about health law courses at Hastings and careers in the field of health law in this annual event. 

Racism & Predatory "Care"

An 80-minute panel discussion on the myriad of ways that conservatorships and guardianships function to exert control, perpetrate abuse, and drain the finances of vulnerable elders and persons with disabilities. 

Lunch with the Expert

Professor Sarah Hooper presents her current work, recent research, and what inequity in health costs us on this installment of Lunch With the Expert: the Fight for Health Equity – Protecting the Rights of Seniors and People with Disabilities.

Our Full List of Event Recordings Here.