& Exchange

The Center for East Asian Legal Studies courses range from country-specific surveys and business law courses on China and Japan to seminars focusing on China’s impact on international institutions like the World Trade Organization. Our courses complement general International and comparative law courses on cross-boarder business transactions, intellectual property, human rights, tax, and dispute resolution that provide the building blocks of an international practice.

Students connect with visiting scholars and practitioners from the region and take advantage of our numerous conferences an career-building programs. Our East Asian Speaker Series, China town halls, and recent symposia on judicial reform and corporate governance in Japan are just a few examples.

The Center for East Asian Legal Studies provides students with opportunities to study at leading law schools in greater China, Japan and Korea and to participate in internships with partners around the region. Students participating in exchanges and internships experience East Asian legal culture firsthand, enhance their language skills, and build professional networks that will nourish their future careers.