CNDR Required and Elective Courses

CNDR offers a variety of cutting-edge scholarship to UC Hastings Students.

The Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (CNDR) provides students with a wide variety of dispute resolution courses each semester. And with a strong ADR community in the San Francisco Bay Area, students benefit from numerous opportunities for experiential education through the Mediation Clinic and the ADR Externship Program.

The vast majority of CNDR’s courses have 16 students or fewer. Core courses immerse students in both the theoretical and practical aspects of dispute resolution, and teach the skills and law necessary for sophisticated legal practice.

UC Hastings Full Course Catalog

Current Offerings

Check out our Spring 2020 CNDR offerings!

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation Clinic
  • Arbitration
  • Facilitation
  • International Business Negotiation
  • Lie Detection, Emotion, and Mindfulness
  • Mediation
  • Advanced Negotiation: Dealmaking
  • ADR Externship

All CNDR Courses

CNDR offers many dispute resolution courses from experienced professors:

  • ADR Externship
  • Advanced Dispute Resolution: Complex Multiparty Processes
  • Advanced Dispute Resolution:  Culture, Identity, and Discrimination
  • Advanced Negotiation: Dealmaking
  • Arbitration
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Seminar
  • Culture and Negotiation
  • Effective Representation in Mediation
  • Facilitation for Attorneys
  • International Business Negotiation
  • International Commercial Arbitration Seminar
  • International Negotiation and Dispute Settlement
  • Lie Detection, Emotion, and Mindfulness
  • Mediation
  • Mediation Clinic
  • Negotiation & Mediation: Process & Practice
  • Negotiation & Settlement

Please also see the Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Concentration page.

Mediation Clinic

Students in the UC Hastings Mediation Clinic learn how to deal with conflict effectively, personally, and regularly. The Clinic serves as the “Mediation Department” for the Superior Court of San Francisco Small Claims Court, offering free and immediate mediation to self-represented litigants who appear for trial.

Student teams also mediate discrimination cases on behalf of the State of California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, a well as observe professional mediators in a variety of cases.

In addition, through the Mediation Observation Program, Clinic students have the opportunity to shadow mediation professionals at work in local ADR organizations such as JAMS.

ADR Externships

The ADR Externship Program through CNDR is for advanced dispute resolution students who want an in-depth practical experience and an opportunity for research, process observation, and assessment.

Past placements have included local superior courts, nonprofit community mediation programs, and federal courts.

Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Concentration

The concentration allows students an opportunity to prepare for a career in ADR through core classes and numerous advanced electives.

For a complete listing of qualifying elective and advanced courses, please consult the Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Concentration Page.

LL.M Specialization

CNDR works with the Global Programs to provide the Dispute Resolution and Legal Process LL.M. Specialization for foreign students.

MSL Specialization

The Dispute Resolution Specialization allows MSL students to build and hone their dispute-resolution skills. MSL students specializing in dispute resolution benefit from working closely with CNDR.

Learn more about the Masters of Studies in Law Program.