Lawyers, Judges and Other Professionals

CNDR offers a variety of mediation and ADR programs to U.S. judges, attorneys and court administrators, and is always looking for volunteers to coach our negotiation team students.

International Court ADR Two Days Intensive Training.
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This program, open to non-U.S. judges, attorneys and court administrators, will prepare participants to design and implement court ADR programs in their respective countries. Participants will be selected from a pool of international applicants and will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. Instruction will involve a mixture of theoretical and practical classroom presentations and simulation exercises, as well as opportunities to observe selected court ADR programs in the immediate vicinity of the law school and to meet with ADR judges, practitioners, and scholars from the community. Participants will learn how to lay the groundwork for a successful court-based ADR program by working with local stakeholders; how to assess community needs, choose ADR processes suited to those needs and develop the chosen program design; how to screen and select cases appropriate for ADR; and how to implement, evaluate and modify a program once it is underway.

Participants will also learn how to select and train neutrals to work in their programs, including the personal qualities and skill sets required for the various processes, and how to deal with ethical problems and confidentiality issues. In addition to group sessions, one-on-one consultation with the lead trainers will allow each participant to explore issues specific to his or her own country’s legal system and needs; and a 3- to 6-month follow-up by email will allow the providers both to measure the effectiveness of the training and to offer additional assistance after the participants return to their home countries.

This program was offered for the first time in June 2011. Participants were uniformly enthusiastic about the substantive value of the program and about the many opportunities provided to meet and talk with others in the San Francisco Bay Area ADR community.

The commitment of the participants and the faculty…was powerful and brought us insight, knowledge, many ideas and hidden experience (wisdom). It was really an inspiring and enriching week.

Volunteer Opportunities

UC Hastings Alternative Dispute Resolution Team tryouts involve three weeks of “Negotiation Bootcamp” where students learn the basics of interest-based negotiation and practice their skills through a series of case simulations.  Volunteer coaches observe and coach these practice simulations and provide feedback and advice to the students they observe.

The tryout process culminates with the In School Competition, where students compete in tournament-like conditions, vying for a spot on the team.  We rely on volunteers to judge the two rounds of competition during the day.

The team’s continuing success is due in large part to the quality of coaching we are able to provide to our students from local advocates and practitioners.  The students learn so much from the feedback and advice given from professionals.  Many of our coaches and judges tell us how much they enjoy working with the students, and how their volunteer experience with the team has actually helped them in their own practice.

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