Mediation Clinic

One of The Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution's core programs, the Mediation Clinic provides students with experiential learning in a real-world setting.

About the Mediation Clinic:

Students in the Mediation Clinic learn how to deal with conflict effectively, personally, and regularly. A lawyer’s job involves conflict and problem-solving on a frequent basis. Thus, the Mediation Clinic provides excellent training and instruction for any type of practice a student may enter after graduation. Mediation Clinic students study dispute resolution theories, develop communication skills and process management techniques, and apply that learning as neutral third parties helping people resolve ongoing disputes. Working in 2-person teams, students provide a structured, collaborative process that allows disputants to design their own solution to their conflict. In mediations, students gather information, identify interests and options, strategize, deal with emotions, help the parties negotiate, and draft settlement agreements.

Who Might Be Interested:

Students who want to feel confident and competent in court, in public speaking, and in managing conflict AND who would want to apply lawyering skills to help parties resolve disputes.

For questions: Email Prof. Izumi at

How Does the Clinic Work?

Students attend classes as training, and then mediate real cases for the local courts and governmental organizations. All mediations are supervised by Hastings professors and staff.

Clinic Details

The selection of Professor Carol Izumi (center) marks the second time a UC Hastings clinical professor has been honored with the Pincus Award.

Clinical Instructors

Two professors co-teach and supervise the Mediation Clinic. Clinical Professor Carol Izumi has directed a Mediation Clinic since 1986, joining the UC Hastings faculty in 2010. Professor Izumi is a nationally known mediation teacher, scholar, trainer, and practitioner who has practiced in Washington, D.C., Michigan, Virginia, and California.

Clinical Professor Gail Silverstein began co-directing the Mediation Clinic at UC Hastings in 2008. At the same time, she co-directs the Individual Representation Clinic. Both clinics allow her to pursue two of her loves in life: helping others in the legal process resolve their disputes and find just, effective results and teaching and mentoring law students

Carol Izumi

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Clinical Professor of Law
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