Course Catalog


UC Hastings’s size – more than 70 full-time faculty and hundreds of adjunct practitioner-faculty members – allows us to offer breadth and depth across a wide range of disciplines and practice settings, drawing on insights of our research faculty and on lawyers at the cutting edge of the development of law and policy. The Course Catalog below is a snapshot of a curriculum that is constantly evolving as the law evolves in domains as diverse as tax, civil rights, privacy, immigration, and the regulation of drugs.

The 1L curriculum is largely guided, as it is at nearly all law schools nationally, to provide students a foundational understanding of law and legal analysis, though students may choose a statutory elective in courses ranging from IP to environmental law. Students have the ability to design their own upper schedules, developing their practice skills or gaining and gaining substantive expertise in their chosen fields. Come to UC Hastings with a specific goal or an open mind – we have the curriculum to intellectually challenge you, develop your skills, and prepare you for practice.

The 1L Curriculum

All students take the first-year curriculum:

  • Contracts
  • Civil Procedure I
  • Criminal Law
  • Property
  • Torts
  • Constitutional Law I or Statutory Elective
  • Legal Research & Writing I & II
  • Scientist to Lawyer (optional for students with STEM backgrounds)