Community Economic Development Clinic

In the CED Clinic, students provide legal counsel to neighborhood-based groups, citywide advocacy organizations, and local political officials on a broad range of community development, land use, and policy issues impacting the Tenderloin, Mid-Market and other low- and moderate-income neighborhoods in San Francisco. Projects vary, but typically involve advocacy, counsel, and factual development related to proposed land use developments, to ensuring that Tenderloin and Mid-Market residents benefit from new economic initiatives, and to participating in City and State policymaking around development issues. The Clinic focuses on the intersection of law, policy, and politics and reveals the full complexity and institutional infrastructure of the Tenderloin and Mid-Market community.

Who Might Be Interested?

  • Students interested in the growing unaffordability of San Francisco and efforts to forestall the displacement of low- and moderate-income households, small businesses, and non-profits from the City
  • Students curious about efforts to revitalize the Tenderloin, Mid-Market, and South of Market neighborhoods and interested in working collaboratively with members of those communities
  • Students interested in local government and politics, economic development, land use, and/or affordable housing

Clinical Instructor

The Clinic is taught by Professor Ascanio Piomelli.

Ascanio Piomelli

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Professor of Law
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Student Perspectives on their Clinic Experience