ADR Externships

About the Course

The ADR Externship allows students to work with dispute resolution professionals to see ADR and organizational processes and programs in operation.  Under the guidance of a placement supervisor, students take primary responsibility for ADR-related assignments, projects, and activities.  Depending on the placement, students may have the opportunity to observe and participate in ADR processes, to attend meetings of practice groups, to engage in research and draft memoranda, program manuals, and protocols, to interact with parties, and to evaluate program efficacy.  Students must apply to and be accepted for the externship by the placement supervisor. The Externship requires students to meet high levels of professionalism in all aspects of their fieldwork.  Students must meet all work requirements set by the placement supervisor.

About the Instructor

The ADR Externship is taught by Clinical Professor Carol Izumi.  Professor Izumi is a nationally known mediation teacher, scholar, trainer, and practitioner who has practiced in Washington, D.C., Michigan, Virginia, and California. For more information, go to Faculty listings.

Academic Component:  Class meets Wed. from 10:50-11:50.  The academic component focuses on dispute resolution theories, models, and standards, ethical responsibilities of practitioners, supervision and other placement issues, workplace bias, and public policy developments.  Students have regular reading and written assignments, including a reflective journal, self-assessments of skills, and periodic self-evaluations.  Site-specific topics and issues may also be discussed in the seminar.

Fieldwork Component:  Students must work at least 14 hours per week for 12 weeks at an approved placement site.  Placement supervisors must sign a Supervision Agreement and provide a mid-term and final evaluation of the extern’s performance. The Externship professor conducts a mid-term site visit and meets with the supervisor to discuss the extern’s work.

Units: Students receive 5 units. The 1-unit non-GPA class and 4-unit fieldwork component, graded pass-fail, must be taken concurrently.

Open to: 4th, 5th, or 6th semester students.

Prerequisites:  2 ADR courses (1 introductory and 1 advanced) and permission of the Instructor; the Mediation Clinic or 3-credit Mediation Course are highly recommended; additional prerequisites may be required by the placement.

Course Requirements and Expectations with Student Learning Outcomes link

To enroll: Please email Professor Izumi,, to obtain information on the ADR Externship.  Students must meet personally with Prof. Izumi to apply.