Corporate Counsel Externship Program

UC Hastings’ Corporate Counsel Externship Program provides second and third-year students the opportunity to earn academic credit based on training in corporate counsel offices of for-profit and non-profit companies.  The on-site learning helps students build their legal skills and knowledge so they can become practice-ready business attorneys.  Students will learn how in-house attorneys collaborate and communicate with the company client, and how they incorporate the client’s unique mission, business, and industry context into their legal advice.  Supervising attorneys guide, train, mentor, and provide substantive feedback to the student throughout the semester.

The on-site learning is supported and enhanced in the classroom.  Students are enrolled in a weekly seminar that teaches the role of corporate counsel, integral lawyering competencies, and the ability to self-develop and learn from practice.

The Corporate Counsel Externship Seminar is two units, C/NC.  Students will earn 4-5 Corporate Counsel Fieldwork units for 16-20/hours per week of work at their placements.  Students will work at their placements for a minimum of 12 weeks.  All credits qualify as experiential.

Timeline For Spring 2020

  • Sept. 18, 3:30-4:45 – Corporate Counsel Externship Open House. Attorneys from partner companies will table in the Dining Commons and will answer student questions about the work they do and what projects they expect students will work on in Spring.
  • Sept. 18 – 25 – Application Process is Open. Applications can be submitted during this time.
  • Sept. 30 – Oct. 4 – Hastings Interviews. If selected to proceed, you will have a 20 minute interview with Professor Geevargis this week.
  • Oct. 14 – Final Cover Letter submissions due. By October 9, you will be notified of the placements where your materials will be passed.  Final cover letters for these placements are due by October 14.  The Career Development Office will be available this week to assist you with finalizing these letters.
  • Week of October 15 –The partner companies are provided the materials of applying students.  Only 3-6 students will be passed to each partner company for interviews
  • Weeks of October 21 and 28 – Partner Interviews. Interviews will be conducted by partner organizations.
  • November 7Final Confirmation of students for Spring 2020.  Selected students will complete any necessary background checks in November.
  • January 6, 2020 – Spring Semester begins.  Most students will begin work at their partner company during this week.

Student Requirements

  • Students need to be 2L or 3L students in good academic standing.
  • Students cannot be participating in a concurrent live-client or work experience (i.e. clinic, externship, Start-Up Legal Garage, or legal work).
  • Students need to be enthusiastic, open-minded, and dedicated.

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