Client Counseling

About the Team

The UC Hastings Client Counseling Team (HCCT) is an organization designed to focus on skills development, and integrating “real world” experience with theories and principles of client interviewing and counseling. All HCCT units are subject to the overall 18-unit credit limit for non-classroom work as set forth in the Academic Regulations and Other Rules Applicable to Students.

How to Participate

All HCCT team members must have completed the Interviewing and Counseling course, or in the alternative, may participate after obtaining instructor pre-approval. Although enrollment in the HCCT takes place in the spring semester, HCCT activities begin in the fall semester.

All interested students are invited to attend a 2-hour introductory session in the fall semester. Students who have completed or are concurrently enrolled in Interviewing and Counseling, or have obtained instructor approval, may enter the in-school competition held in mid-November.

The students selected through the in-house competition will represent UC Hastings in the ABA Regional Client Counseling Competition. (UC Hastings will pay for the travel costs, including meals and lodging, for the ABA competition). At the instructor’s discretion, students who are not selected to compete, but who would like to continue to participate on the HCCT, may be invited to join the HCCT as non-competing members.

Over the winter break, all HCCT team members are required to study materials on interviewing and counseling, as well as the substantive law chosen for the ABA competition. In the spring semester, all team members engage in mandatory 2-1/2 hour practices twice a week through mid-February.

If you are interested in the Client Counseling Team, contact Karen Carrera, Adjunct Professor, at