Simon Marin

Simon Marin - Chile/Sweden

Simon Marin - Chile/Sweden

My name is Simon Marin. I was born in Sweden, where I lived until I was 5 years old, before moving with my family to Chile. I finished high school in Santiago and then enrolled in law school. 

After graduation and completing all of the necessary requirements to become an attorney in Chile, I moved to the U.S. with the intention of taking my career to another level. 

After being here for some time, and with intensive research and conversation with both academics and professionals in the field, I decided to apply to UC Hastings. 

Now being a part of the LL.M program in 2006-2007, I can say that Hastings fulfilled all my expectations, especially in the areas that I am interested in: commercial and international law. The program is very flexible in terms of students getting to choose their classes in different areas of the law as well as professors' expertise and commitment to working with you to satisfy your personal goals. 

In addition, Hastings is located in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, with a very cosmopolitan feel and diverse culture that have made my experience at school very enjoyable.