Government Law


The concentration offers specialized classes designed to prepare students to specialize in government law, and experiential opportunities that let students build the skills they need to succeed. Comprehensive local government programs, an optional semester working elbow-to-elbow with state legislative staff in Sacramento, and externships with state and federal agencies are portals to the world of government law.

The concentration fosters a supportive community among public service minded students and long-standing partnerships with alumni in government offices and with professional organizations provide important networking opportunities. UC Hastings’ well-earned reputation improves the appeal of our students to employers within the government and employers who work regularly with government agencies.

In short, a Government Law concentration tells employers that our graduates have expertise in government law, and are ready to hit the ground running. The concentration is also a good complement to other concentrations that touch on or focus on public law – for example, tax, health law, or environmental law. It is set up to enable students to take it in combination with these other concentrations.

Clinical & Research Opportunities

LEGISLATION CLINIC: Students in the Legislation Clinic learn about the role of lawyers in the legislative process by spending a semester in Sacramento working for a legislative committee, a legislator, or another public entity involved with the legislative process.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT CLINIC: Students in the Local Government Clinic work sixteen hours a week in Bay Area City Attorney and County Counsel Offices while simultaneously being enrolled in the Local Government Law class.

PUBLIC LAW AND POLICY WORKGROUP: This three unit seminar connects students with state and local government agencies and legislative committees to conduct focused research on a pressing public policy issue over the course of the term. Recent projects include writing a model body camera policy for a city, and writing a background paper for a legislative hearing on pharmacy benefit managers.

UCDC: LAW AND LAWYERING IN THE NATION’S CAPITOL: The UCDC Law Program is a collaborative, full-semester externship program in Washington, DC for 4th-6th semester law students from UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Hastings and UC Irvine. Students who have participated in the program have externed with White House Counsel, Office of the Vice President, National Immigration Law Center, Securities and Exchange Commission, USDOJ – Consumer Protection Branch, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and elsewhere.

Qualifying Courses

The list of courses within the categories is up to date as of the publication of this posting. New courses are sometimes added to the curriculum subsequent to publication.  Therefore, if a student finds a course in the curriculum not listed, but which the student thinks might count toward concentration requirements, the student should check with the concentration advisor regarding the eligibility of the course to satisfy concentration requirements.