Pro Bono:
For the Public Good

The California Bar and the American Bar Associations encourage lawyers to devote at least 50 hours annually to the provision of pro bono legal services to indigent individuals or to non-profits whose primary purpose is the provision of legal services to or on behalf of the poor or disadvantaged or to non-profits whose mission is to improve the law and legal system or to increase access to justice for all. At UC Hastings, we believe this commitment to the delivery of legal services is an integral and intensely satisfying part of your legal education and enhances the development of your professional identity.

In California, the unmet legal need of indigent individuals is overwhelming. For every 8,361 indigent Californians, there is one legal services attorney. To put this in a visual, for the attendees at AT&T Park at full capacity, there would be just five attorneys. You can be a part of reducing this gap in the delivery of legal services, now by signing the Pro Bono Pledge.

The Numbers

Figures from the past five graduating classes alone

Graduates with Pro Bono Distinction
Hours of Pro Bono Service to the Greater Community
Graduates with Outstanding Achievement in Pro Bono Distinction

The Nitty Gritty

The provision of pro bono legal services is an integral component of a legal education and to the practice of law.  UC Hastings encourages and fosters pro bono participation by all members of our community in an effort to improve access to justice for all.

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Pro Bono at UC Hastings: For the Public Good