To apply for California residency for tuition purposes, go the UC Hastings Residency Policy, Core Requirements page, review the policy, and then complete Online Statement of Legal Residency form that is located at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: The Application for California Residency for Tuition Purposes (Residency Application) must be submitted by all incoming students who wish to be exempt from paying the non-resident tuition fee. The default residency status for ALL incoming students is “non-resident” and can only be changed to “resident” upon completion of the form on the UC Hastings Residency Policy, Core Requirements page. Regardless of how long an incoming student may have been a California resident or if one was classified as a California resident at their undergraduate institution they must still establish their status as a California resident with UC Hastings.

The deadline for the Statement of Legal Residence form and related documentation for the 2020 spring semester is December 6, 2019. All supporting documentation must accompany the application or it may be denied. The deadline must be strictly observed. If the deadline is missed, students may reapply for the following semester.