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Virtual Info Sessions
WednesdayAugust 25, 20216:00pmRegister here!
TuesdaySeptember 7, 202112:00pmRegister here!
ThursdaySeptember 23, 20216:00pmRegister here!
WednesdayOctober 6, 202112:00pmRegister here!
WednesdayOctober 20, 20216:00pmRegister here!
TuesdayNovember 2, 20216:00pmRegister here!
ThursdayNovember 18, 202112:00pm Register here!
ThursdayDecember 2, 202112:00pmRegister here!
TuesdayDecember 14, 20216:00pmRegister here!

The Fall 2021 in person information session schedule will be posted here soon. 



Justice for All: Diversity & Inclusion in Law School Admissions

Justice for All: Diversity & Inclusion in Law School Admissions, is a special series of panels and workshops on the law school admissions process from the perspective of a diverse applicant. This year’s events have ended. If you would like to watch the recordings, please email us at for the video passwords. Be on the lookout for our Justice for All 2021 event information soon! This website will be updated with more information soon.

2021-2022 LSAC Virtual and In Person Forums

LocationDateTimeRegistration & More Information
LSAC Virtual ForumSeptember 10, 202111:00am - 4:00pm Register here!
Chicago LSAC ForumSeptember 25, 20219:00am - 6:00pm Register here!
San Francisco LSAC ForumOctober 8, 20219:00am - 6:00pm Register here!
Atlanta LSAC ForumOctober 22, 20219:00am - 6:00pm Register here!
New York LSAC ForumNovember 5 - 6, 20219:00am - 6:00pm Register here!
Los Angeles LSAC ForumNovember 13, 20219:00am - 6:00pm Register here!
LSAC Virtual Forum December 4, 202111:00am - 4:00pm Register here!
LSAC Virtual Forum February 4, 202211:00am - 4:00pm Register here!

2021 National Law Admissions Consortium Events

UC Hastings has partnered with the law schools of American University, Fordham University, the University of Miami, The Ohio State University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Wisconsin to form the National Law Admissions Consortium. The Consortium will be presenting a series of law school application best-practice sessions during the fall. We encourage you to register for any or all of these sessions. You will be able to gain valuable perspective from multiple law school admissions deans on various aspects of the application process and law school curricular offerings.

Admissions 101ThursdayJuly 20, 20213:00pm PDTRegistration is closed
Admissions 101WednesdayAugust 4, 20213:00 pm PDTRegister here!
Admissions 101ThursdayAugust 26, 20219:00 am PDTRegister here!
Admissions 101ThursdaySeptember 9, 20213:00 pm PDTRegister here!

“On the Road”

UC Hastings will participate in virtual and in person law and graduate fairs at institutions around the country.

Boston Law School Fair
September 11, 20211:00pm - 4:00pm Coming Soon
San Diego State Graduate & Professional School Fair
September 29, 202110:00am - 2:00pm Coming Soon
UC Davis Virtual Law School Fair
October 20, 202111:00am - 2:00pm Coming Soon
UC Irvine Virtual Law School Fair
November 1, 202110:00am - 2:00pm Coming Soon



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