Alumni Events Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in UC Hastings Alumni Events. If you are interested in hosting and/or promoting an alumni event, please fill out the form below. Please read the information below about expectations and processes for hosting an alumni event.

The Alumni Office can provide ​the following:

  • Assistance with promoting your event on the UC Hastings website​, social media channels, event calendar, and/or via email
  • Invitation lists​ ​specific to your event region or target audience
  • Suggestions on hosting a potential alumni event

As an organizer, you will be responsible for:

  • Shar​ing the final list of attendees with the ​alumni office/staff liaison
  • Saving and submitting all receipts (If you would like to receive Gift-in-Kind credit)
  • Paying and hosting the event (unless other arrangements have been made with alumni office)

I would like to:

Promote my alumni event on the UC Hastings website event calendar and/or via email

Inquire about hosting a potential alumni event