COVID-19 Community Updates

UC Law SF follows guidance provided by local, state, and federal health officials while working in close collaboration with the emergency management teams of local and state peer schools to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and continually identify effective responses. We report confirmed cases of COVID-19 to local public health officials.

The College has no specific restrictions on campus access due to COVID-19 at this time. However, the College reserves the right to reimplement protective measures, including face coverings, social distancing, and requiring vaccinations, at any time without prior notice. The College’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan & Access Policy as of May 18, 2022 is available here.

Learn more about what is permitted in California by reading the state’s most current guidelines here.

UC Law SF reports all known and suspected COVID-19 cases pursuant to AB 685 – California Labor Code § 6409.6, and Title 8 California Code of Regulations § 3205(c)(3)(B)(3). The table on our Potential Campus Exposure Reporting page contains information regarding known and suspected COVID-19 cases present at UC Law SF worksites, including the building name and dates during their infection period.

Contact Information

Type of Coronavirus-Related Question Point of Contact
Confirmed or suspected positive employee cases.
Chief Human Resources Officer Andrew Scott (
Curriculum, classrooms, exams, or faculty illness Academic Dean Morris Ratner (
Individual students or Academic Regulations Assistant Dean of Students Grace Hum (
Classroom or Distance Education Technology Associate Dean Library and Technology Camilla Tubbs (
Media inquiries Chief Communications Officer Elizabeth Moore

Contact Asst. Chancellor & Dean/Chief of Staff Jenny Kwon, Chief Human Resources Officer Andrew Scott, and General Counsel John DiPaolo with other COVID policy or CDC guidance questions/ concerns.

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