Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy Program: Strategic Approaches to Managing your Finances

UC Law SF is proud to collaborate with Dr. Jeffrey E. Hanson, a national expert on student loans and offer this personal finance and loan counseling program. “Strategic Approaches to Managing your Finances”. This one-on-one advising session will focus on helping you develop a strategic plan for successfully managing your finances while in school and to prepare you for loan repayment after you graduate.

Sessions are available twice per academic year (October and February).

Sessions with Dr. Hanson will provide you with information on:

Managing your spending/budget and expenses while in law school so that you can borrow only what you need to achieve your goals.

  • Knowing how to select the payment plan that best achieves your goals given what you can afford to pay each month.
  • Determining what options are available if you cannot afford to make a loan payment when one is due.
  • Understanding how loan repayment will impact the other aspects of your financial life after graduation.
  • Taking advantage of loan forgiveness programs when you qualify for them.
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of refinancing federal student loans with a private loan or consolidating with the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan.
  • Managing loan repayment so that you are successful in repaying your loans while at the same time achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals.