Fiscal Services

The UC Hastings Fiscal Services Office supports UC Hastings by striving to provide superior customer service and the highest quality of accounting services to all members of the UC Hastings Community with a commitment to integrity, efficiency and transparency. As the accounting department of the College, Fiscal Services also processes all financial transactions for students. Throughout your career at UC Hastings, you will perform a variety of activities which will cause you to interact with our office. These activities include:

  • Receiving your tuition and fee invoices for the fall and spring semesters
  • Paying your tuition and fees
  • Making deferred tuition and fee payment arrangements
  • Making arrangements for direct deposit of financial aid refunds
  • Picking up financial aid refunds checks
  • Paying McAllister Tower rent
  • Paying for your Health Services lab fee
  • Completing loan counseling requirements for the Federal Perkins loan
  • Submitting timesheets if you are a student employee
  • Picking up paychecks
  • Access your W-2 online

Office Hours & Contact

Mon – Fri*: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
* Fridays are closed during the summer break (June and July) except on paydays.
Main Line: 415-565-4704
Fax Number: 415-565-4698
Department Email:

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