Special Events & Guest Services

Formally the College Events Center, Special Events and Guest Services (SEGS) assists event planners with room reservations and event publicity.

On-Campus Events:

Faculty, designated representatives from student organizations and College departments should consult the Special Events and Guest Services Intranet page for information on how to schedule a room using the Astra Room Reservation Schedule Program, Event Forms Checklists, etc.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel your event, please email segs@uchastings.edu as soon as you know to cancel it directly. Do not try to cancel it yourself in Astra. Cancellation of events contracted by non-UC Hastings entities will be bound to the terms of that contract.

Important Information Before Scheduling Your Event:

  • Who can book space? Only faculty, designated representatives from student organizations and College departments can reserve space and hold events on campus.
  • What has priority? The College’s schedule of classes has priority over any other campus activity. Any event or meeting scheduled in advance of the posting of the academic schedule runs the risk of being relocated, rescheduled, or cancelled. Events or meetings can be requested or scheduled in advance of the posting of the academic schedule, but cannot be CONFIRMED by SEGS until the academic schedule is posted; nonacademic events and activities are subject to changes of location, or time and date, or even cancellation. SEGS will send notice as soon as possible of any need for change, reschedule, etc.
  • When are good times to hold events? Events and meetings scheduled in nonacademic spaces, scheduled during the summer, or scheduled during the term’s free hours (when classes are not in session) run the lowest risk of being changed or cancelled.
  • No events may be scheduled during Final Exam period.

Submitting events, announcements, deadlines, job, postings etc. to the Weekly:There will be two places the Weekly information will be posted in:

  • MyHastings Weekly is an Intranet site that will post three weeks’ worth of announcements, deadlines, job postings, etc;
  • MyHastings Weekly Roundup is an email that you will receive every Monday morning, which contains information that is happening that particular week

To request a publication on MyHastings Weekly, community members can do so by completing this survey.  You will see that the survey begins with the policy about what can be posted, the duration, the information required, etc.  Completing this survey is the only way that your information will be posted.Submitting events/meetings to the Events Calendar:

  • On-campus events must first be confirmed in Astra, the room reservation system, and marked as “featured.” Once an event is confirmed in the Astra Room Reservation Schedule, it is manually inputted into the UC Hastings Events Calendar.
  • To request an off-campus event in the events calendar, please email segs@uchastings.edu.
  • If you don’t see your event on the calendar or would like an event description or a modification to your event on the Events Calendar, please email segs@uchastings.edu as soon as possible to make sure your event is updated.

Additional Resources:

Room Rental Requests from Non-UC Hastings Groups:

UC Hastings will be happy to accommodate outside organizations for such events as meetings, training sessions, and other special events depending on the availability of space. Please complete and submit the Room Rental Request and email it to segs@uchastings.edu. Non-UC Hastings groups and organizations may contact the College Event Center at segs@uchastings.edu to follow up on a rental request or to request a tour of the campus facilities. Please note that UC Hastings reserves the right to change, cancel, or decline any room or event request, especially in response to any unforeseen circumstances, explained or unexplained.

NOTE: All off-campus entities inviting the public to an event at UC Hastings must provide certification of insurance.  See the Room Rental Request Form above for more information. Please note that all users and renters of Hastings facilities must abide by the College’s policy on nondiscrimination: The College is committed to a policy against legally impermissible, arbitrary or unreasonable discriminatory practices. All groups, including administration, faculty, student governments, College-owned student residence facilities and programs sponsored by the College, are governed by this policy of nondiscrimination. The College’s policy on nondiscrimination is to comply fully with applicable law.The University of California, Hastings College of the Law shall not discriminate unlawfully on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, sex or sexual orientation. This nondiscrimination policy covers admissions, access and treatment in Hastings-sponsored programs and activities.

Special Events and Guest Services Contact Information

Email: segs@uchastings.edu
Call: 415-703-8220
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:15am – 5:00pm