Setting the Standard Since 1878

...but not stuck there.

When UC Hastings was established in 1878 as the original law department of the University of California, it was decided that the College should prepare lawyers for the practice of law within close proximity to the courts, in the heart of the booming city of San Francisco.

Fast-forward to today – our location continues to provide access to every level of the judiciary. UC Hastings continues to redefine legal education, integrating rigorous academics with hands-on practice to prepare our graduates to leverage the opportunities of the 21st century. And San Francisco continues to boom, providing our students with access to the most innovative companies and people on the planet.

Dean's Welcome

“We are on the cusp of a revolution that will not simply change the way lawyers practice law, but also what it means to be a lawyer,” writes Chancellor & Dean David Faigman. “At UC Hastings, we are prepared for this revolution.”

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Trailblazer Clara Foltz

A pioneer in opening up the California bar to women, Clara Foltz, with the help of Laura D. Gordon, proved instrumental in spearheading an amendment to dismantle the gender limitations of law school admissions in 1878. She then went on to become the first woman admitted to a legal practice in California. Among a multitude of accomplishments, Clara Foltz boasted her own legal practice, the founding of San Diego Bee, and served as the first woman deputy district attorney in Los Angeles.

We Put the Mo in MoFo.

UC Hastings graduate Alexander Francis Morrison (1856-1921) founded his law firm in 1883, in San Francisco, under the name O’Brien & Morrison. His mission was to practice “principally in the line of corporation business.” In 1891, Morrison formed a partnership with Constantine E.A. Foerster (1860-1898). The firm has since expanded to include more than 1,000 lawyers deployed across 16 offices in the United States, Asia and Europe.

65 Club

Hastings former professor and dean, Ellington Snodgrass, gathered a group of eminent scholars and jurists from the nation’s top law schools. Founded in 1940, the Sixty Five Club pulled from a group of brilliant minds involuntarily retired at 65 to provide Hastings with one of the most distinguished faculties of any American law school. Prominent Hastings professors included Roger J. Traynor and Raymond L. Sullivan from the California Supreme Court, as well as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg.

Building for an Extraordinary Future

Our new state-of-the-art and Platinum LEED-certified academic building at 333 Golden Gate Avenue opens in January 2020. This is the first step in our long-range campus plan to develop a vibrant and interactive academic village in the heart of San Francisco. In collaboration with UCSF, the YMCA, and others, the academic village will include more than 800 units of campus housing and amenities, bringing together professionals and graduate students across disciplines to live, learn, and imagine their futures.

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Board of Directors

University of California Hastings College of the Law was established by statute in 1878 and is governed by a Board of Directors. Access a list of Board of Directors Emeritus, plus Board Bylaws, Standing Orders, Meeting Notices, Agendas and Materials on our Board of Directors page.