Professor in Residence/Visiting Professor


Professor Dana Beldiman is a partner with the San Francisco law firm of Carroll, Burdick & McDonough LLP and specializes in international intellectual property law and international transactions. She has taught at the Santa Clara University School of Law and is currently a visiting professor at the Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, Germany and the Riga Graduate School of Law, Riga, Latvia.

Professor Beldiman holds an M.A. from the University of Bucharest, Romania, a J.D. from UC Hastings, an L.L.M. in Intellectual Property from Santa Clara University School of Law and a doctorate in law magna cum laude from the University of Bremen, Germany.



  1. Universitaet Bremen, Germany

    Doctorate, Law

  2. Santa Clara University School of Law

    LL.M., Master of Laws

  3. UC Hastings College of the Law

    J.D., Law

  4. University of Bucharest, Romania

    M.A., Graduate Studies

Selected Scholarship

  1. Patent Chokepoints in the Influenza-Related Medicines Industry: Can Patent Pools Provide Balanced Access? 04/2012

    Tulane Journal of Technology and International Property

  2. An Information Society Approach to Privacy Legislation: How to Enhance Privacy While Maximizing Information Value 04/2012

    John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law

  3. Commercialization of Genetic Resources: Leveraging Ex Situ Genetic Resources to Shape Downstream IP Protection 01/2012

    Intellectual Property at the Crossroads of Trade

  4. Copyright and the Challenges of the Digital Age – Can All Interests Be Reconciled? 01/2005

    Legal Issues in the Global Information Society

  5. Protecting the Form but not the Function: Is U.S. Law Ready for a New Model High Tech? 01/2004

    Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal


  1. Trademark and Unfair Competition
  2. IP in Design in the Global Marketplace
  3. International & Comparative Intellectual Property