Research Manager


David Toppelberg joined the Center for Innovation in 2019 as a research manager. He leads the Center’s projects on pharmaceutical market structure, authorized generics, and drug competition and innovation. He also assists in the drafting and organization of the Center’s many academic papers and op-eds. Through the Center for Innovation, David has consulted on drug pricing and accessibility policy for the Colorado Attorney General’s office and the California Health and Human Services Agency.

In addition, he is a fellow at the American Economic Liberties Project (AELP), a DC-based think tank focused on combating monopoly and concentrated economic power in the United States, where he contributes and advises on projects related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Before graduating from Yale in 2019 with distinction in Economics, David worked on state-level policy in Massachusetts and Connecticut, investigated criminal justice systems in Scandinavia, and researched the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in Boston. His work has been cited by the BBC News and published in The New York Times in English and Spanish, his native languages. When he’s not thinking about political economy, David can be found exploring the American West on his motorcycle or trying to learn the banjo.