Professor of Law


Prior to joining the Hastings faculty in 2007, Hadar Aviram practiced as a military defense attorney in the Israel Defense Forces for five years, completed her M.A. in Criminology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her Ph.D. in UC Berkeley’s Jurisprudence and Social Policy program, where she studied as a Fulbright Fellow and a Regents Intern, and taught at Tel Aviv University. Professor Aviram’s research focuses on the criminal justice system and examines policing, courtroom practices, and corrections through social science perspectives. Her methodology often combines quantitative, qualitative and experimental tools. Professor Aviram’s award-winning book Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment (University of California Press, 2015) analyzes the impact of the financial crisis on the American correctional landscape. Her current book in progress is an in-depth examination of parole hearings. Among other interests, Prof. Aviram has studied domestic violence, behavioral perspectives on prosecutorial and defense behavior, unconventional family units, elder abuse, public trust in the police, and the history of female crime and punishment. Prof. Aviram served at the President of the Western Society of Criminology and on the Board of Trustees of the Law and Society Association. She is one of the leading voices in the state against mass incarceration and is a frequent media commentator on politics, immigration, criminal justice policy, civil rights, and the Trump Administration. Her blog, California Correctional Crisis, covers issues pertaining to crime and punishment in California.



  1. University of California, Berkeley 2005

    Ph.D., Jurisprudence and Social Policy

  2. The Hebrew University 2001

    M.A., Criminology

  3. The Hebrew University

    LL.B., Law


  1. Chancellor's Dissertation Award 2004

    Awarded by the University of California, Berkeley.

  2. Graduate Assembly Research Award 2003

    Awarded by the University of California at Berkeley.

  3. Herman Goode Award for Outstanding Student of Criminology 2001

    Awarded by Hebrew University.

  4. CHOICE Award for Outstanding Academic Title 2015

    Awarded to Cheap on Crime by the Academic Library Association

  5. Rector's Award for Outstanding Graduate Student 2016

    Awarded by Hebrew University.

  6. 1066 Foundation Scholarship Award 2010

    Awarded by UC Hastings for Scholarship and Research

  7. Rutter Award for Teaching Excellence 2010

    Awarded by UC Hastings

Selected Scholarship

  1. The Adventure of Norwood Builder: A Lawyerly Annotated Edition 04/2015

    Green Bag Almanac & Reader

  2. Are Private Prisons to Blame for Mass Incarceration and its Evils? Prison Conditions, Neoliberalism and Public Choice 09/2014

    Fordham Urban Law Journal

  3. The Future of Polyamorous Marriage: Lessons from the Marriage Equality Struggle 08/2014

    Harvard Journal of Law and Gender

  4. Troubled Waters: Diana Nyad and the Birth of the Global Rules of Marathon Swimming 09/2014

    Mississippi Sports Law Review

  5. Social Historical Studies of Women, Crime, and Courts 12/2010

    Annual Review of Law and Social Science


  1. Criminal Procedure Adjudicative Process
  2. Criminal Procedure
  3. Sociology: Criminal Justice System
  4. Theoretical Criminology
  5. Environmental Criminology Seminar
  6. Criminalization & Social Control