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Jo Carrillo, J.D., J.S.D. , publishes and teaches on the topic of property and marital property systems, financial intimate partner violence, consumer protection issues, and legal humanities. Currently, her legal research centers on how specific statutes and constellations of statutes can encourage relational equality in intimate partnerships and friendships. She is also interested in mapping financial torts and crimes that are perpetrated in the family.

In the last decade, she has worked to better understand and advance the field of California community property law, the most complex marital property system in the U.S. if not the world. She edited the eleventh edition of a family property casebook that has been in use for the past 60 years. Her other publications in the field include student-oriented texts and academic articles on fundamental changes that marriage equality has initiated in law.

Recently, I completed a monograph on the themes of justice and vigilantism in James M. Cain’s early work. I started archival research for the monograph in 2012. My analysis is more historical than literary.

I am an elected member of the American Law Institute. I am a member of the Modern Language Association. I am a former trustee of the Law and Society Association. I have served on the Herbert Jacob Book Prize Selection Committee. I was on the Board of Authors for the Felix Cohen Handbook of Federal Indian Law (2005).

I am a peer reviewer for different academic journals. For example, I most recently served as a peer reviewer for the start-up Museum of Science Fiction (MOSF) Journal of Science Fiction. When it comes to science fiction I am particularly interested in how speculative fiction imagines and/or re-imagines the institution of property, identity (especially gender), and intimate partnerships.

My permanent academic appointment is at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. I have held temporary appointments over the years. I served as a Visiting Professor at Stanford Law School (1998-99). I was named a Lillian and Harry Hastings Research Chair at UC Hastings (2006-07). I spent a year as a Visiting Scholar at The Center for the Study of Law & Society at UC Berkeley (2006-07). My current CV is available above.



  1. Stanford Law School

    J.S.D., Law

  2. University of New Mexico

    J.D., Law

  3. Stanford University

    B.A., Undergraduate Studies


  1. Chip Robertson Scholarly Publications Fund Award 2010

    Awarded by UC Hastings College of the Law.

  2. Outstanding Mentor Award to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Students 2010

    Awarded by Stanford University.

  3. Roger J. Traynor Scholarly Publication Award 2010

    Awarded for outstanding scholarly achievement by UC Hastings College of the Law.

  4. Mediator Certification 2010

    Conferred by the Center for Mediation in Law.

  5. Outstanding Service & Achievement Award 2010

    Awarded by UC Hastings 1066 Faculty Foundation.

  6. Hastings Research Chair 2015

    Awarded by UC Hastings College of the Law.

Selected Scholarship

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    Domestic Violence Report

  2. To Influence, Shape, and Globalize: Popular Legal Culture and Law 2011


  3. The M Word: From Partial Coverture to Skills-Based Fiduciary Duties in Marriage 2010

    Hastings Women's Law

  4. The Sound of Silence: The Continuing Debate Over Class Action Rescission Under TILA 2010

    Hastings Business Law Journal

  5. Conversion as a Remedy for Interference with Home Equity 2010

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  6. This Little Loan Went to Market: The Consumer-Lender-Investor Equation of Federal Truth in Lending 2009

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  7. In Translation for the Latino Market Today: Acknowledging the Rights of Consumers in a Multilingual Housing Market 2008

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  10. Surface and Depth: Some Methodological Problems with Bringing Native American Histories to Light. 1993

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  1. Property
  2. Community Property
  3. California Community Property